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Fifty Shades of Grey Book review and discussion

In Slave assignment 3/16/2012   I was asked by Master Samadhi to read a fictional book  titled "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James.   I am not normally keen on fictional works because most of my reading is some form of self-education, but I have read enough fiction to know how to know the difference between a good novel or a waste of time.  The time wasters don't make it very far before abandonment.  Apart from a couple of grammatical errors the story is quite readable.  Unfortunately there are some darker issues with exactly who the original author or authors are, and plagiarism is amongst them, however I am not going to sort that out here.

I very much enjoyed the book.  I needed to say that before I began taking the book apart!  I am not going to join the mobs that criticize every aspect and detail of every action of the characters.  Those types of reviews can be found abundantly.  I found that many of Grey's qualities reminded me strongly of Master Michael.  The shudders the heroine describes echo mine whenever Gray uses intense staccato words and especially the mantra "you belong to me!" or "you're mine!"  Good stuff.

What astonished me was Grey's inability to have self-control.  In fact it was one of the first things Master queried me about  if I had noticed . . . I had!   The couple barely gets into the sex-play and he lets her cum a few times before he dives in and he explodes and then it's over.  Fortunately he did seem to have a short recovery, which was enough to redeem him. I think most stories come from a personal experience base; and so when I read those "Mr Grey's" often are unable to contain himself for extended play, I have to think that my Master is quite unique in that way of long protracted play.  Many others have noted it is actually pretty mild.

I am sure I am not a good person in judging it if is worthy of BDSM.  I had only a handful of Hustler mags to reference to and that was back in the 60's.  And a stack of Penthouse and Hustler Letters in the mid-70's that belonged to my ex. So my exposure over all has been limited until these past wonderful years with Master Michael.  Only I do know more about the obvious lack of understanding the workings of corporations and the interconnectedness  of politics, and it certifiably is not accurate portrayal in the book.

Perhaps, overall it is an entertaining read that has a large audience, and for most it might be a brief holiday from daily dull lives that we live.  Is it a movie yet?


  1. serafina,

    Thanks for your thoughts...

    Having never really read the "other books" (tho mouse does own them somewhere....or gave them away, as they were a gift and had no interest in actually reading them) , really can't address the controversy over them.

    What bothered a friend that did read all three and knows about Omega and mouse's lifestyle said that in the books the beauty of the Master/slave relationship is reduced to nothing other than kinky sex. The main female character refuses to ever submit Grey. While the character does "give in to his common sense" she never embraces submission and seems to find it vile.

    Now, mouse can't be sure about that, because she never passed the part where Grey is kneeling in the second book.

    The thing that bugged mouse most about it all was the fact that Omega not only controls others but has deep self control as well. The character was driven by his insecurities to control, which isn't exactly healthy control yanno?

    The difference between being domineering and dominant, is the ability to control yourself as well you do others...

    1. Well said Mouse about self control, be it Master, Slave or Consort!. . You will like what Master Michael says in his review!


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