Saturday, April 28, 2012

curse of the generalist

I'm a little jealous of true fetishists . . .

It's not so much that I wish to be something other than I am, as I'm more comfortable in my own skin than ever.  No, I'm a bit jealous because it seems that having a solitary focus for one's sexuality would be so very simple compared to someone like myself, who is turned on by just about everything associated with BDSM.

I guess that makes me a generalist in terms of my BDSM interests and practices, a jack of all trades.  Now when I was young I was taught the expression - jack of all trades, master of none - a little turn of speech that I've come call the - curse of the generalist . . .

Although it's not necessarily a true curse, it does sometimes make it a bit difficult to focus.  The generalist has so many options available, it can become difficult to choose.

For instance, our BDSM toybag holds such an incredibly widely varied assortment of gear, that I sometimes fear we don't get proper value from any one individual toy.  It can be months between uses for a tool, simply because there are so many varied options available to use, and I really do truly enjoy them all.

If I were a true electro-fetishist, our assortment of electric toys wouldn't sit languishing in storage between uses, instead they'd be found readily available, perhaps sitting on my bedside stand.  I do know that Serafina wishes I used them on her more often, and that's true for almost all of our toys, with some rare exceptions.  She'd also like more spankings, more floggings, more nipple play, more exploration of strong sensations (clips and clamps) on her pussy, more rope bondage, additional vacuum and other sensation play, a little more exploration of choking, etc., etc, etc. . . .

What can I say, I collared and married a wonder!  But, the truth be told, all those options and desires do occasionally make it just a little difficult to focus.

If my slave/wife and I were both foot and/or shoe fetishists, then my mind tells me that planning a scene becomes fairly simple.  I wouldn't necessarily fear getting bored with it because I am blessed with a creative enough mind to keep foot and shoe fetish scenarios inventive and fun for a really long time, not to mention the wonderful variety of shoes available today on the web.

Somewhere on my "to-do list" is to have Serafina learn to give a proper pedicure, so she can serve me in that manner, as a Master's feet can get a bit gnarly.  I'd feel much more comfortable and sexy doing foot play with properly maintained feet, ya know?  But, it just never happens because there are two dozen other interests of higher priority on my personal to-do list.

That's the curse of the generalist.

As problems go, it's what I was once trained to call a "high level problem" - it's the kind you want to have.  In the campaign and organizing world, a high level problem would be something like having too many volunteers for your space.  In the business world a high level problem would be a product in such great demand that you can't ramp up additional production fast enough to keep your product on the shelves.

So, with that in mind, I know how fortunate I truly am.  I am blessed with a slave/wife with interests and desires as strong and varied as my own, a woman with a strong libido, an inventive mind, and a kinky streak that's almost certainly at least a yard wide and a mile long.  For the most part, I have all the BDSM tools a Master could ever want, with perhaps the exception of a vacuum bed and a Sybian, and when I really want those badly enough I know they'll appear in my life somehow.

What's not to like?

Well, other than having to make all those damn pesky choices . . .

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