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Vendor - Scott Paul Designs

Fetish Design or Design Fetish?
Scott Paul
(watercolor style illustration created from picture by Jennifer Richard)
Seattle Scream
Earlier this week I posted another installment in my series about BDSM gags, keeping her quiet.  No surprise there as I'm currently at work on the 9th part of that series.  That particular installment, Gag Maker Extraordinaire (keeping her quiet pt. 8) was unique however, in that it wasn't about a type of gag, nor was it safety or instructional material.  Instead, it was all about a creator of gags for the BDSM community, Scott Paul Designs.

I could have ended the story there if gags were the complete focus of Scott Paul's work as an innovative creator and manufacturer of gear for the BDSM community.  That's not the case at all,  as a wide range of high quality gear designed for BDSM is created by this Seattle sex toy designer.

I've had the pleasure of making several orders from Scott Paul Designs in the last year.  My purchases included: a three-way gag system, a pair of wonderfully unique sensation toys, the world's best blindfold, a lovely collar, and a beautiful light weight spreader bar.  His catalog of gear is far more extensive than my modest range of purchases, but I think the items I picked up are pretty representative of his work in terms of quality, innovation, and workmanship.

Double Trouble
And, almost across the board, I love his work.  With the exception of a very minor caveat on one individual item, I can suggest his work to you, my dear reader, as an investment in wonderfully styled gear for your BDSM adventures.

Before I get too far into the details of the Scott Paul gear found in my personal toybag, I'd like to briefly detail my shopping experience with his company.  As I said, I've made multiple orders from Scott Paul Designs, and the experience has always been positive.

The website is simple and clear to navigate.  Any special options offered for a piece (color, size, etc.) are obvious when making a selection.  I've never had a problem with something I desired being out of stock, or not as pictured, and I certainly can say that the same true for a number of other vendors within the BDSM community.

Collars by Scott Paul Designs (Serafina's in the style on the far right)
Orders are promptly packaged and shipped.  I've always had shipping confirmation from Scott Paul Designs within 24 hours of placing my order.  I generally use a PO Box for my delivery address, and my order has always been delivered within two days of getting my ship notice, sent via USPS priority mail if I remember correctly.

I like fast and efficient, who doesn't?  After multiple hassles and problems with a couple of other well know vendors selling gear to the BDSM community, I have reiterate how much I appreciate a seamless shopping experience.  Like they say in the commercials, it's priceless!

The sensation toys I purchased from Scott Paul were a pair of very unique twists on the Wartenburg pinwheel, the Seattle Scream and Double Trouble.  Packaged and shipped in a stylish clear plastic tube which I promptly threw away, they now reside in a bookshelf in our playroom, as they are just too sharp to risk storing them in my rolling toy trunk.  Double Trouble is by far the sharpest wheel in my collection, and I enjoy it so much that I can't bear the thought of it's delicate and sharp needle like spikes getting bent, hence the careful storage.

World's Best Blindfold (it just might be true!)
The beautiful collar I purchased for Serafina is among those pictured above.  The collar's lovely red satin material makes it very sharp looking, stunning as a dress collar.  And that's where the one caveat I have comes into play.

Because the material is a satin cloth over a soft neoprene liner, it's very comfortable to wear.  But, it's also far more prone to wear than a leather collar.  That's why I consider this a dress collar, I'm not sure the satin material would stand up well under everyday use, and have read of at least one instance where it wore out for an individual who subjected it to daily use.

The World's Best Blindfold is a product that may very well live up to it's name.  It's secure, and oh so very comfortable to wear because it's cupped eyepieces effectively block vision, but don't put any pressure on a slave's sensitive eyelids.

Maybe it's not important to some dominants for their slaves to have such luxury, but I do enjoy "spoiling" my Serafina.   And, when she's blindfolded and I'm tormenting her nipples, I don't want her blindfold to be a distraction from the sensations I really prefer her to focus upon.  I want the tit torment to be everything, that's why I blindfold her in the first place, to shut out distractions.

Last, but certainly not least among my Scott Paul Designs purchases, is a lovely aluminum spreader bar.    It adjusts easily and securely for length, collapsing small enough for storage but extending far enough to keep Serafina very stretched out.

It's sturdy and secure, but most special about the design is its weight.  Because it's constructed of a strong aluminum tube, this spreader bar is suitable to be carried along for jaunts into the wilds and the wilderness.  If I was still a backpacker, I'm not so sure I wouldn't bring one of these along for campsite fun once the day's journey has ended, it's really that light.  Remember too, that the guy saying that used to hollow out the handle of his toothbrush to save a few grams in weight in my backpack . . .

So, if you haven't been able to tell from all the glowing prose I've thrown at you, I'll be totally blunt.  I love this gear.  Oh right, I already said that!  Well then, what else is there to say?


  1. I own the blindfold - and I do believe it is the most comfortable, and probably the best designed one I have ever used. I love it!

    xx Dee


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