Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Those Were the Good Old Days

"We were staying in French chateaus . . . "
There's been a tremendous increase in people using places like free porn video hubs and tumblr to fulfill their sexual interests.  I mean everybody's watching free porn these days, right?

OK, not everybody.  I know Serafina and I keep one active subscription at a site like Wired Pussy or The Upper Floor (both of which have been reviewed here).  We figure it's better entertainment than what's on cable TV most days.

But still, examples like Samadhi House aside, we're being told more and more these days that changes in consumer behavior are impacting the industry for adult entertainment.  The latest news comes from a media bastion of libertarianism, who at the start of this month posted a story called End of the porn golden age.

I was very much struck by quotes like the story's tag line:
When I entered the industry, we were staying in French chateaus. Now, companies are struggling to stay alive.
At age 48, I've already started passing from the good old days into the golden years myself.  So, I can commiserate with a porn industry that is going through a sort of middle age crisis, realizing it's best years are probably behind.

All joking aside, fairly casual pornography consumers like myself (I can name all of three or four individuals working in the adult entertainment industry - last year that number was zero) might be a little concerned that the one area of the industry that's profitable are webcams.
Unlike traditional porn, live webcam shows haven’t been hurt by piracy. The live shows’ appeal rests as much on interaction between the performer and the audience as it does the video feed.  A pirated live show is as exciting as a pinned butterfly.
I'm sorry, but the entire concept of webcam shows is less exciting to me than a pinned butterfly.  I've never attended a live peep show either, for what that's worth.  

Of course, I went to the occasional strip club with friends back in the 1980's.  At the time, it was a right of passage, even if the whole thing seemed a little tired and sad.

That's how I'm feeling again, tired and sad.  At least that's how I feel these days when it comes to most adult entertainment I encounter.

It's like deja vu all over again.


  1. One quick, respectful comment...I can say with certainty, that at 51 my sex life is better than it has ever been, and more frequent. I feel sexier than I ever have, even at 20, perhaps most importantly, I know it is going to continue to get better. Your best sexual years have absolutely nothing to do with youth.

  2. Thanks much for the comment, as it gives me the opportunity to further clarify my thinking . . . For starters, I very much agree with you about age having nothing to do with our best sexual years.

    Although it's true that there were things I could do then that I couldn't consider today (18 orgasms within 24 hours at age 18 was overkill for a guy) - I do everything better today, and overall I know I enjoy my overall sexuality with greater confidence etc.

    I probably should have worded my conclusion to be more clear.

    I was trying to use my own middle age as a metaphor for the porn industry's own struggles with aging . . .

    I'm not personally tired and depressed, it's the porn industry I find tired and depressing (overall) much the same way I felt about strip clubs in my youth . . .

  3. Michael: This has me giggling. Sooooo glad to hear that you aren't personally tired and depressed at the age of 48 because that wouldn't say much for me, half a dozen years older than you!!! Ha! Ha!

    I saw no porn at all until about 3 or 4 years ago when I viewed the odd free thing on the Internet. In the right mood the odd thing can be enjoyable but I struggle with authenticity, if it seems staged. I happily watch 'Nine and half weeks' any chance I get. The electricity between Kim Bassinger and Micky Rourke is exactly what excites me.

    1. Oh yes, 9 1/2 Weeks is a classic! It was one of the first things I showed Serafina when introducing her to all things BDSM . . .

      And I'm glad that folks are now understanding that no, I'm not personally tired and depressed, but I think the adult entertainment industry, finding itself in it's own middle age, has generally become tired and depressing.

      With webcam performances becoming the profitable arm of the industry, the very things that we'd long for in quality pornography, something more along the lines of real authentic feeling, quality acting and direction, a story line and perhaps some dialogue to build the tension, are the things the industry will rarely if ever be able to produce.

  4. Just like the proverbial square peg in a round hole, much of the porn has lost it's initial allure for many as well. For some the challenge becomes finding increasingly provocative material, possibly delving into darker areas that most would find unacceptable.

    Although any fantasy is imagination at work, it is possible that an individual might enact a fantasy that would be best left in those dark recesses of the mind. With that said most fantasies can liven up things in our relationships.


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