Saturday, March 10, 2012

lazy Saturday afternoon - sex party Saturday night

previously on The Upper Floor
It's a lazy Saturday afternoon here at Samadhi House.  So lazy in fact that the Master of the House, along with his precious slave, are off to nap.

There's a live show tonight on The Upper Floor (TUF) that Serafina and I plan to watch.  We'll be joining the festivities from the comfort of our own play room, where I've got a very simple plan for the evening.

I'm going to put Serafina into a sweet little spandex sleep sack for the duration of the show, perhaps using the 2-way zipper from time to time to access the bits and nubs I like to pinch, squeeze, and rub. The sleep sack has an open face, so she will be able to watch the show, but she can't move her arms inside the sack, they get snugly encase in their own internal sleeves that are quite inescapable.

It all adds up to some rather delicious torment that builds subtly over time until my slave/wife ends up a quivering mass of flesh and desire.  Who knows what order of torment she'll have to beg for just to get me to consider releasing her . . .

This post is her notice, so if she's a good girl and is following her Master's post, she'll be mentally prepared for tonight's ordeal.   Since TUF is live from San Francisco, there's a 2 hour time difference.  Meaning, their 7 pm start time is 9 pm here.

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