Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Am Deciding

photo by Serafina Samadhi

Have you recently, or ever. . made an important decision? Was it life-changing? or a minor correction?
How did that decision affect you and the ones you love? Would you decide the same way again? Did BDSM or Spirituality influence you?


  1. Recently made a life changing decision to go with what I think I can do-- and it will be years before I know whether the decision was wise or not. :/

    Aren't we submissives supposed to be free of decisions like that?! (kidding)


    1. "Aren't we submissives supposed to be free of decisions like that?! "

      good question. . in which case we already HAVE made a decision to defer I believe. . . and thoughts?

  2. Oh mine is easy, it was definately comning out to my boyfriend as wanting D/s, BDSM and DD. We are still working through it all but so far it has brought us closer together and things are great.

  3. Very simple...marrying Omega!


    1. Oh Mouse!! I agree! I/we made that decision also

  4. Traveling to a dungeon for further training and meeting some fellow BDSM bloggers in person a few months ago. Both situations still affect me in a positive way daily. And really, as a submissive, I don't think there is anything that takes place in my life that doesn't touch in some way on both BDSM and the part of me that is a spiritual being.


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