Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apparently March is Q&A Month . . .

It's Public!
It seems that somewhere in the grand blogosphere universe it has been decreed from upon high that March is Question & Answer Month (each link in the sentence is to a different participating BDSM blog - I'm sharing link love . . . )

I'd like to think that Serafina and I are already pretty accessible, as we freely share our time answering questions and giving advice to individuals who write us privately via email.  But, I don't believe that's the point of Q & A Month, it's about a more public exchange.

So, if you'd like to ask something of Serafina or myself, you are always welcome to do so, but that's especially so for the blog version of March Madness.

My email address remains - master(at)SpiritualBDSM(dot)com - you know what to do to make that email address work - hopefully spammin bots don't!

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