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Wiffle Gags (keeping her quiet pt. 4)

Simple and Safe ~ Wiffle Gags
Today's installment on the topic of Wiffle Gags is just a single part of an ongoing multi-post series about the use of gags in BDSM.  Other postings in the series (so far) include:
  1. Keeping Her Quiet (pt. 1) - Duct Tape Gags
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Once again, I'd like to remind readers that the title of the series, Keeping Her Quiet, is a simple reflection of my own experiences as a dominant.  I'm a 48 year old male in an ongoing 24/7 M/s relationship with my slave/wife Serafina.  Prior to Serafina, I was in a 18 year long polyamorous D/s relationship/marriage with a woman I called Blissful Torment.  While married to Ms Torment, I also had a decade long D/s relationship with a lady that blog readers know as Cherub.

The series title is not intended to be chauvinistic, and I don't believe that women should be silenced in real life.  The title of the series, and the tone of my posts reflect my experience, but the subject matter and techniques discussed are almost always universal.  Whatever happens in just about any consensual relationship between consenting adults is fine by me.  Please feel free to apply your own sexual orientation and preferences as needed . . .

Wiffle Gags

Wiffle gags are a great "beginner's gag."

Please do not misunderstand, they aren't a toy.  That opening sentence does not mean that the use of Wiffle gags need be limited to gag neophytes, nor to folks just getting started with BDSM play.

Instead, I guess that's just my way of saying that Wiffle gags are one of the simplest and safest of the gags commonly used in BDSM.  And yes, they are a good place to get started with gag play if you are considering some experimentation.

A wiffle gag is a variant of the classic ball gag.  Instead of a solid ball (usually rubber or silicone), a perforated hollow plastic sphere is held in a submissive's mouth, usually by a strap around her neck.

There are a number of variations on the "strap" holding the ball in place.  I've seen everything from a locking leather harness, to a long strip of beautiful satin material, to a plain leather bootlace.

Wiffle gags are safer than most other ball gags because they don't usually restrict breathing to any significant extent.  Those little holes in the ball allow for plenty of air exchange, making this a gag that's safer for submissives with allergies, or other issues with nasal breathing.

On one hand, it might seem as though wiffle gags would also be an absolute dream for individuals with a fetish for uncontrollable drooling from their submissive.  To an extent that is true.

The holes in the wiffle ball will allow drool to run out of a slave's mouth just as readily as they allows air to whistle in.  When placed at an angle that promotes drooling in a gagged submissive, this gag will not usually disappoint.

Remember though that mouth breathing can actually serve to dry out a person's mouth.  So, wiffle gags are by no means an absolute panacea for dominants with a fetish for making a submissive drool.  They will work, but are probably not perfectly ideal.

This is also a simple gag for anyone to fashion for themselves, it's great for folks trying to do bondage on a budget.  Small wiffle golf balls are easily sourced from almost any big box sporting good store.  One online source offers a dozen balls in 3 different colors for only $4, so it's just not possible to find a more affordable BDSM toy.

A great variety of easily available, not to mention very affordable materials can be used to create the "strap" to hold your freshly purchased ball nice and firmly in your submissive's mouth.  I think the first time I ever created a gag like this I used a length of leather bootlace.  Clear plastic surgical (or aquarium) tubing also can be easily fashioned into an effective way to secure a wiffle gag into your lady's mouth.

For a slightly more sophisticated look, a silk, satin, or lace ribbon can be threaded through the ball and tied neatly behind your submissive's neck.  You can complete this look with a matching blindfold, not to mention creating matching sashes for Cleave Gags as well as Over the Nose (Bandit) Gags.

With just a few dollars spent at a fabric store, and a few moments with a sewing machine, you (or your submissive) can create a beautiful matched set with just a little effort.

Yes, there are probably more attractive gags you can use if your submissive's vanity requires only the finest of gag materials enter between her lips.

But for a cheap, safe, and potentially quickly fashioned homemade BDSM toy, wiffle gags are hard to beat!  (Save the beatings for your submissive!)

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