Monday, February 13, 2012

What does it mean to fully love?

 Photo taken by Serafina Samadhi
To me to be fully loved means accepting who I am without major alterations. And it means that I lay down some of my own ways too. It is important to communicate always.


  1. Love is already the most complex of human emotions, the D/s dynamic makes it deliciously different and even more complicated.

    So understand up front I'm answering this from "dominant headspace" . . .

    For me, it's kind of like the old saying that was used for a number of self help and 12 step style programs - it's about understanding the things we can't change and the wisdom to know the difference between those and the things that can and should be changed and shaped . . .

    Oh, I think there's a better word for that . . .


    Except that's not the right word either . . .

    I'm guessing that's why you aren't getting more comments on this question, it's a difficult one to answer. We all want and desire love, and it's the rare self-reflective soul who could even admit to somehow not allowing themselves to be fully loved.

  2. Not sure we can ever love fully, unconditionally, perfectly... I wonder if we could, would we be human? To allow myself to be fully loved, perhaps is to accept imperfect love, not wholly complete love. But commitment, friendship, acceptance, understanding, ...forgiveness..a fully imperfect love. First to accept myself enough, flaws and all, to recognize and welcome another spirit to love me that way. And vice versa.

    Wow deep question....


  3. To be fully loved, I'd have to let my lover know about all my faults, flaws, and failings -- and still believe that I am worthy of being loved. I'd have to take the risk of showing Him the truth of all of who I am -- and still believe that I am worthy of being loved. No more secrets. No more hiding. No more pretending to be perfect... AND, then I'd have to take a deep breath and get ready to see and know and love all of Him as well...

    Sue (swan)

  4. This is a tough one... for me it means to make myself completely vulnerable. It's scary as hell, to open myself up and lay out all the tender bits of my heart - the parts that have gotten too hard, squashed, need to be stitched up. To be transparent about who I am is easy, this is it, like it or not - inappropriate sense of humour and all, but there is always that fear that I'm not good enough.


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