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vendor - Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys

Adam and Gillian just celebrated their 25th anniversary as a business serving the BDSM community, so it seems appropiate to join them in their celebration by revisiting this post from when the blog was just getting off it's feet.  Please note that no compensation or consideration was exchanged in return for this review, I've purchased every listed item here just the same as any other customer.  In fact, I just made three new purchases:
Our Crop by Adam and Gillian

DeLuxe Cane
The Valentine
Our Crop

It's my 2nd purchase of their DeLuxe Cane, the first was of medium thickness, this one will be thinner.  I had a friend who purchased The Valentine years ago at my recommendation, it's a beautiful tool for breast and genital flogging, but I'd never indulged myself in purchasing one for my own collection before now.  Adam and Gillian's Our Crop will not be the first riding crop in my toy collection, but without a doubt it will be my best!

Finally, please note that all images associated with this particular post are copyrighted and are property of Adam and Gillian.

Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys
makers of high quality "implements of instruction"

For something like twenty years now, Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys have been my favorite makers of floggers, cats, straps, paddles, canes; not to mention a nice range of other exciting toys for BDSM . . .

I had to stop and think about that opening line for a second, twenty years is a long long time!  Some of the younger kinksters I follow on tumblr are just a year or two shy of that two decade mark.  My previous marriage ended just shy of twenty years in length.  So, when I do stop and think about it, that's an exceptionally long time to have a relationship with any one vendor or toy maker.

Bullwinkle the Moose
I've never met Adam and Gillian in person, but I used to call their workshop and speak personally to Gillian with each order I placed.  I've had just enough contact through the years that they feel like friends.  I find it easier to email my orders into their shop now, but I already know what I want long before my order is placed.  If you have questions or want to place an order yourself, I know you're still welcome to call and talk to them personally.

That's probably a good thing too, because the incredible variety of offerings that come from Adam and Gillian's workshop are probably a bit overwhelming to an absolute neophyte to the world of floggings and corporal punishment.  Whatever your taste or interest, it's pretty likely you can find something you'll like here.

basic floggers from mini to super
The first really nice flogger I bought myself was made by Adam, so that seems to be a good place to begin a discussion of this wonderful couple's offerings.  There's a flogger here for every taste and price range, I can almost certainly guarantee.  For a kinkster in a budget, for instance, it's really hard to beat Adam and Gillian's line of basic floggers.  

A Mini Basic flogger is only $20 and the Super Basic is just $30, so these are an exceptional way to get started learning about the different sensations various flogger materials can create.  They come in a wide range of materials including: Deer (Sensual), Moose (Gentle), Nylon (Moderate), Leather (Moderate), Suede (Moderate), or Rubber (Serious).

I've never purchase one of these basic floggers myself, as I have expensive taste and really like Adam's "signature" handles, but I've had friends who purchased them, I've seen and handled and used the basics and can vouch for their beautiful utility.  I always suggest a deerskin flogger for newbies, it truly is a sensual flogger.  

The Lord (nylon tresses)
I've always been a sucker for their premium flogger offerings.  Adam and Gillians finer flogger offerings come with a much more ornate handle and are much fancier and more finely finished over all.  The range of floggers I've collected over the years from these folks is fairly impressive, it includes:

Bambi's Revenge (deerskin tresses)

The flogger list I just shared includes a wide variety of sensations, the deerskin tresses of Bambi's Revenge are all sound and no fury.  The Scorpion, with 9 thin round neoprene tresses is the exact opposite, it can mark and bruise.

Also found in my collection of gear purchased from Adam and Gillian are two creations that are a technically considered singletail whips of a sort.  Adam calls them The Whipsicles.  I have the:

Brass Whipsicle from Adam and Gillian
The Whipsicles are very mild as single tails go.  My Brass Whipsicle is made with deerskin, it's actually gentle enough to use with some care on breasts and genitals.  The Wood Whipsicle I own is made with Moosehide, it's a bit more serious, but still nothing too serious if compared to a proper stockwhip or bullwhip.

Middle Brother
I'm also an aficionado of Adam's wide selection of straps and slappers.  Among the widely varied offerings found on Adam and Gillian's website to be found in my toybag:

The Scrap Strap and Rubber Scrap Strap are both bargain offerings that offer good value for beginners just getting started with impact play and corporal punishment.

As can be seen from the illustrations I've attached from Adam and Gillian's website, the straps and paddles they offer are truly beautifully made and handsome in appearance.
Believe it or not, that's still not everything I own from these folks!
DeLuxe Cane from Adam and Gillian

They are also cane makers.  Within the category of "canes and rods" I own:

DeLuxe Cane "Seconds" (x2 - one thick and one thin)
DeLuxe Cane handle detail
And still there are a number of miscellaneous items I've picked up from Adam and Gillian through the years:
Foxy Loxy w/ Claw

I guess I'm a good BDSM consumer.  

I mean wow . . . When I look at that listing of items I've purchased through the years from Adam and Gillian, I almost go into overload.  There are a lot of toys there.  

the Titty Tower
They all get used too!  In the end, you can have all the toys in the world, but if they just sit wasting on a shelf unused, your time and precious money has been wasted.  

The only things on the list that haven't already had regular use are the 3 rattan canes and the Clawed Foxy Loxy.  The story of the canes is already documented here, Serafina's first real caning will happen this weekend.  And that will be my cue to bring out the Clawed Fox tail, I've been waiting to run it back and forth over my slave/wife's welted behind when her caning is complete.

I am so truly blessed in so many ways, to have such a wonderful collection of toys, and to have captivated such a beautifully sexy slave/wife who gets turned on when I use them on her.  Like the line that was used in the movie Field of Dreams, I should ask, "Is this Heaven?"  

The answer's still the same, "No, it's Iowa."


  1. We hunted high and low for a suitable cane several years ago, and feeling that the cost of a deluxe cane from Adam & Gillian's was too high, we spent a considerable sum on substandard and unsatisfactory canes. In time we realized how foolish it was to keep looking for the best without being willing to pay for the best, and so we did buy our own Adam & Gillian's deluxe cane. And then we lost it ... that story is here:

    All the best,

    1. I very much enjoyed your story, and left you a small comment. . :}

  2. You have a HUGE selection of quality toys! And like you say, letting them sit in a closet isn't any good. Sounds like they get plenty of use! I've bookmarked Adam & Gillians site and will take a good long look at it.

    As much as I am afraid of the cane, the mere mention of one makes me tremble (and not in a good way exactly LOL), I'm curious as to what it will feel like being spanking with one.

    Thank you so much for such a comprehensive and informational post.

    Fondly, Sky

    1. Hi Sky!!
      Yes, we do have a lots of toys, and Master uses them a lot! I am finally feeling mostly better so it is probable that tonight will be canning night. I would be so afraid as to not even consider it if it were not for the trust we have, because Master will not be extreme.

      Having said that though, there is a slim chance that I may not submit to it again, or I might like it enough to ask for it again. . .one never knows for sure!. . .BTW. . .I'll let you know. . .


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