Monday, February 27, 2012

slave assignment 2/27/2012 - (keeping her quiet pt. 5)

My darling slave/wife,

As a way to demonstrate not only your sewing skills, but also to illustrate my ongoing series of posts about gags in BDSM, and ultimately to add to our toybag, I'm assigning to you the creation of a number of different fabric gags with a matching blindfold and restraints.

I'd like for you to fashion the following:
  1. Wiffle gag 
  2. Cleave gag 
  3. OTM (over-the mouth) gag 
  4. OTN (over the nose) or Bandit's gag 
  5. Blindfold 
  6. Wrist restraints 
I've also like to have a simple fabric hood, essentially a pretty sack for placing over your head when it pleasea me. This final request can be considered an extra credit project.

I'll take you shopping for any necessary materials before the end of this upcoming week.

With love, passion, desire, & dominance,

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  1. I very much enjoy working on assignments for you Master. I have some ideas already!

  2. Sounds like Serafina will be busy. I would love some pictures when your assignment is complete. How excited to get to make these things that you know will be used on you. Enjoy.

    1. Your request is my command, I'll plan to have Serafina "show her work"!

      Thanks for the comment my dear!


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