Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Serafina's Saturday Evening Caning

Photo taken by Master Samadhi
Many of our readers have been waiting patiently for my caning to take place. We have both been under the weather so it had been post-poned, and then post-poned some more. . . but the day did finally arrive. . .and  . . .I survived it!!

Let me begin by stating that I am not inclined to embrace pain. But I do like sensation, Master informs me that in the end they are one and the same.  . .  OKaay . . . . my response is I still don't want pain.

Master is very skilled in controlling every stroke and it was knowing he has those skills and his promise of never abusing my trust in him that even allowed me to submit to the caning. I still feared it deeply.

Immediately after arriving home Thursday night after work, Master placed wrist and ankle cuffs on me to remain on for the entire weekend or at least until after the canning had taken place. Master actually began on Friday by making sweet sweet love to me, but did not let me cum. NO! he just kept taking me right to the edge, and then he'd back off. Master came very hard and left me in a mess to sleep. He told me it was a warm-up for the caning in store for the next evening. Eventually I drifted off.

I had anticipated the caning. . dreading it at times, . . but looking forward to putting it behind me. Literally! Master had me lie face down across the bed. I was tense so I tried to remain calm and relax. He laid the cane on my skin where I felt it's cool smoothness, and he let it glide over his target area. My thought at that moment was I wished he had place a blindfold over, but I didn't want to ask.

I waited. Finally came the first strike, and stingy test one I said was about a 5. "Perfect" he said and delivered the first real one. It was a 8 and a half. It left a clear mark. I really wasn't sure I could go through with it, but I gritted my teeth and asked him to continue. After the next 2 I was really struggling to keep my composure and Master said just 2 more on that cheek. He would trace the lines gently with his finger, but to me it felt like my ass was on fire.

I have been severely, physically abused. This was nothing like the abuse. Master was deliberate and gentle and made a huge fuss about his handiwork and admiring it and encouraging me all the while. I wanted to have him continue, now not just to get it over but to honor him. After it was over I continued to stay in position and Master took a few pictures. When it was over I was wet and ready. . and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was worth it, and although it may never be my favorite play,  I would play that way again.
EDIT by Michael - My Serafina took her caning beautifully.  I limited the caning to 10 strong solid strikes across both cheeks - 5 struck from the right side and 5 from the left.  I used my Deluxe Rattan Cane from Adam and Gillian in standard diameter. (pictured above)  Here's the manufacturer's description of this particular cane.

   Carefully selected real rattan cane is steamed, stretched and then completely submerged in a linseed oil compound for several weeks, dried and varnished to achieve this look and performance. We think it's worth every minute!
    This method enables the oil to fill the capillaries of the rattan, making The DeLuxe Cane denser, more flexible and less likely to break than an ordinary rattan punishment cane. And the feel? -- Iit has to be experienced to be appreciated! The DeLuxe Cane raises the ordinary rattan cane to a new level of elegance and performance.
   Each DeLuxe Cane is shipped with a unique protective carrying and storage scabbard, at no additional cost.
   Only our Modern Handle is offered with this cane. There is more than meets the eye to this handle design. An internal double-helix of nylon paracord strengthens and stabilizes the cane's performance while providing a comfortable and slip-free grip.   Available in a wide choice of colors and combos.
Samadhi playspace for caning
It is a beautiful implement of instruction.
For the caning, Serafina was laid out flat across a mattress which is on the floor of our current play space.  Leather cuffs on her wrists were locked together and then locked down a wooden suspension frame at floor level.
Serafina was at least a little anxious before her caning, but she held up wonderfully.  I very much like to take my time when delivering a caning, I do love tracing the welts with a fingertip, or even tracing the edge of a fingernail along the welt (I think this is the technique I was using to deliver the sensation she described as her ass being on fire!) 


  1. Congratulations for getting through it. I am hope to experience it soon although I think it will be a long while before my Dom is ready to even consider it.

  2. Serafina - I hope you appreciate how beautiful that photograph is!!! Perfect hourglass shape, smooth skin - absolutely gorgeous. I am fond of caning only for the lovely marks, and yours just look great. But Master Samadhi, I count more than ten.....

    1. Why thank you Kate! having a nice ass-ets to present to Master whe I am closing in to 60 makes me very happy. I have taken up belly-dance to help keep it as long as I can. I love burlesque also but there are no classes in our area.
      I think a couple of strikes went down on both cheeks, as Master have me count from the very beginning. Thank you for your very kind words Kate! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. There were a couple of "practice" strikes with both thinner and thicker rattan canes before the main event . . . I meant to mention those in writing up the scene.

    They might have marked a little, but I think you're primarily seeing overlap as the 5 from each side were struck across both cheeks. As Serafina said, we did count

  4. Seraphina,
    Job well done. Congratulations on facing something you feared and not only "surviving it" but keeping your mind open to trying it again. I wish you many more wonderful adventures with or without the cane.


    1. Thank you GG. . .I am pretty sure the cane will re-appear from time to time. I wish you many exciting adventures also.


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