Tuesday, February 7, 2012

reviewing the Vida Urja - looks can be deceiving

Vida Urja Luxury Remote Control Vibrator

Advertised as a premium or luxury remote vibrator, we can't honestly remember if we bought our Vida Urja from She Vibe or from Amazon.com.  We suggest you don't buy one at all, but, just to be fair, we will start off our readers with the manufacturer's description and specifications before commencing with our own reviews.

Here's the Vida Urja advertising copy from SheVibe:
Vida Urja Luxury Remote Control Vibrator
Many kinds of caresses feel pleasurable. But it takes a very special touch to please you from the inside. We have put a name to your secret, hidden desire: Urja remote control vibrator. Size: Orb - 3" X 1.5" X 1.5", Controller - 2.75" X 2" X 0.75"

Taking the art of the insertable orb to new heights, Urja rests quietly inside you; your own sensual secret. That is, until you or your lover touches the controller. The gentle pink glow reveals the vibrating secret that emanates quietly from within you. Urja's sleek, hour glass design fits perfectly, as if it were made only for you. Retrieve waterproof Urja with a flexible but secure hygienic silicone cord.
Exquisitely crafted from anodized gun metal aluminum and midnight obsidian silicone, rechargeable Urja delivers passion from deep within. Experience waves of pleasure as the battery driven controller delivers five speeds of vibration to the orb resting gently inside you. Completely silent and deliciously powerful, Urja unlocks orgasmic secrets from the very depth of your being. Charging time: 2 hours, usage time: 2 hours.
      ● Controller delivers five speeds of vibration to the insertable, rechargeable orb
      ● Strong, flexible silicone retrieval cord
      ● Luminescent pink button scrolls through five speeds of vibration
      ● Completely silent and deliciously powerful
      ● Rechargeable massager
      ● Massager is waterproof, controller is not
      ● Controller uses one 23A Battery (included)
      ● Urja massager
      ● Urja controller
      ● Power adapter
      ● Faux leather vanity tote
      ● Microfiber storage bag
      ● Product manual
      ● Product warranty
The Vida Urja comes in a wonderful case, but the product is not fulfilling at all
MASTER'S REVIEW - I've read that finding a good remote control vibe can be difficult.  I can confirm that, the Vida Urja isn't by any means "the one" - not even close.  Wrapped up in it's lovely exterior is yet another disappointment.

The dark anodized aluminum and the midnight silicone of this vibrator gives it a very unique look.  On the surface, it would seem built with better quality materials than other remote vibes.

But surface is also a good way to describe the only place this baby will operate, as well as the quality of it's vibrations.

It's vibrations are weak, like tiny fast surface tremors felt on finger tip, but without enough strength to even stimulate my wife to orgasm when applied directly to her clit.  My wife's multi-orgasmic for fingers and most any vibe I use on her, but not this one.  Once inserted, it's barely much of a buzz, if any at all.

The design looks very nice, but it does not preform as expected
Unless you count sound.

It gives off much more audible buzz than expected when considering the weak vibrations it provides.  Exactly what you don't want.

All I really am looking for is a toy I can take to the mall, and use to give my wife an orgasm while she sits on a bench a few feet away from me.

I'm not sure this vibe would be discreet enough to not be heard even in a loud mall, and when you combine that with it's weak buzz, it's a toy that's pretty useless.

The remote feels great in the hand, but it works intermittently at best.  And that's with line of sight and maybe 2 feet separating the remote and I from the vibe.   It doesn't work at all thru a pair of panties, and isn't that the point of one of these toys?

Sure, it looks great, but also realize that looks aren't why most folks buy these things.

SERAFINA'S REVIEW - I was almost giddy with excitement.  A toy that could go anywhere, turn on with out warning! what could be finer?  We plugged it in and charged it up.  Pushed the on button, and. . . nothing. . .we forgot to turn on the switch to the power-bar.  So we charged it another 24 hrs.

Turning it on produced a good hum.  I laid it over my clit and the vibration didn't feel strong enough for even a mouse, but I wanted to test it further so I turned it off.  Master took the control while I slid the Urja out of sight.  It wouldn't power on. even within an inch or so from my vagina it could not respond.  I removed it and it powered right up.  I held it against my clit but I never got even close to getting it on.  It lost it's charge rather quickly so I set it on the charger again.   The next day I removed it from charging, tested it and set it unplugged on the shelf.  Later on that evening I picked it up and it had lost all it's charge.

I am disappointed.


  1. Wow, that's dismal. Absolutely awful.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. You are most welcome. . if anyone knows of a reliable toy similar to this. . pass it along OK?

  2. Seems as though mouse's phone does a better job :-)

    Be well,

    1. You've got that one right Omega!

      regards to you and mouse,


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