Thursday, February 2, 2012

a question about Forniphilia

Yesterday's post - Any Questions? - was prompted, at least in part, by the following query.  Found languishing in the spam folder of my email box a few days ago, it seems a worthy way to introduce what we hope can grow into a series of question and answer postings.

Q. - "You've written about people as furniture, but you never speak about personal experience.  Have you ever used Serafina for what your calling "Forniphilia"?" 

A. - Let's start with a definition . . .

Forniphilia  - forni- f. Old French furnir f. Roman, fornire; to furnish -philia f. Greek philos; love of, fondness for
I'd define Forniphilia as a form of BDSM play where a submissive (or bottom) is used as a piece of furniture or decoration.

Forniphilia is something I'm just getting started playing with really.  In terms of what I've done with Serafina, we've only casually explored this arena of play.  I've used my slave/wife as a footrest, on a few brief occasions.  With that kind of play it's not so much overtly sexual, as much as it is a case of exerting my control in a somewhat surprising and unusual fashion.

I've also had Serafina strip naked and stand absolutely still, bent into a revealing pose.  My slave/wife served as a beautiful living statue, forced to observe without movement or sound as I jerked off to the beautiful vision I had to behold, the living statue I'd created.  I ultimately satisfied myself with a few hot spurts against her flesh, and left her there, motionless, covered in my cum, as I dressed for work.

forniphilia from tumblr (picture of unknown origin)
I've yet to have Serafina serve as a TV tray, like in the picture I found in my tumblr feed today, but it's something I think we'd both enjoy.  I do believe that being objectified by having to spend some real time as human furniture would be difficult for Serafina, as her initial tendency is to jump up to serve her Master at the slightest whim I might express.

I can also see being objectified in this way as having a potential positive influence on Serafina's "training" - as it would reinforce a lesson I have to re-teach her from time to time.  It's about being ready for action but not having the need for action, mindfullness without being overly anxious in the attempt to please.

Serafina tends to, like I said before, express her submission through real service.  I'm about as well cared for as I could want to be, and while I very much appreciate her service, there are times where I wish for her to be able to better relax, for her own sake.  And, I also wish for my slave/wife to know that her submission itself is the greatest gift, that she is not measured solely by what she can accomplish on any given day.

Being objectified as furniture, on occasion, might serve to reinforce that particular lesson, what I might have once described as the "Zen of Being".

I can also see the possibility that objectification as a decoration might help Serafina better accept her own beauty.  With the right mindset, some time as a object d'art might help her understand that I prize her as a beautiful woman, not just a slave to serve.  It might have a different effect too, those things can be difficult to predict, even for soulmates.

When introducing new BDSM activities into our play, I often move slowly and steadily towards my final goals, assuming I can foresee such an end goal.  If I don't have a final ideal I'm looking to achieve, then the experimentation itself is usually the goal, it's truly an act of discovery.

So to reiterate my answer - Yes we've played some with forniphilia, but we are really just getting started.  It's an area I plan to explore more as Serafina and I grow together in our explorations of love, devotion, and surrender.

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