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my new floggers are coming . . .

A few weeks ago I ordered three new floggers for myself..

I dearly love floggers and flogging, it's one of my biggest BDSM interests.  One of the things I love about floggers is the wonderful range of sensations I can create with them, everything form tickling to torture.

Yesterday, I got an email from my new favorite flogger (Happy Tails) maker giving me shipping confirmation for my order.   My new toys are expected to arrive tomorrow, Saturday at the latest.  They will be just in time to provide some "warm up" or perhaps some "cool down" for Serafina's impending caning.

I do plan to start giving a full tour of our complete collection of adult toys soon.  It's going to be a significant project as I have 5 different storage containers full of various rope, whips, floggers, clamps, plugs, vibrators, etc.  The tour is planned to include a brief post about each of our individual toys, one toy a day, starting around the first of March.

With that in mind, I thought I'd do a sort of "preview of coming attractions" by providing some details about the order due to arrive this week.  I haven't seen them in person yet, so a proper "after action report" will have to wait.  What I can provide is the manufacturer's description and pictures, I can state with certainty that they have has proven to be very accurate in past dealings with this flogger maker.

Flogger #1 - Red Lambskin - 16" tails - red & black handle - 

This is expected to be the most gentle of my floggers.  I usually prefer longer tresses, 20" or even more, but this flogger is for a very specific purpose, I wanted something to use on Serafina's breasts when we make love and/or to use on her back in one of the rear entry positions many people refer to as doggie style.

Flogger #2 - Blonde Horsehair - handle as pictured (above)

Here's the manufacturer's description, which also tells a little history of this particular whip maker - "A full 1/2 pound of hair makes for a powerful horsehair that does more than sting, it has a heck of a thump to it, as well! Also available with just a 1/4 pound of hair, for a less thumpy sensation, too. Our horsehair doesn't shed, either. Years ago, the first flogger we bought was a little horsehair one, and the first time we used it, all the hair fell out! We knew there had to be a way to make them better and Happy Tails was born."

Flogger #3 - Black Elk - 23" tails - black handle

Manufacturer's description reads - "A big, all-black, premium elk flogger with 23-inch long tails. A very generous bundle makes this a heavy flogger."

This kind of big heavy beast is more to my normal taste in terms of flogger length.

All three floggers are going to be treasured addition to me collection.  I look forward to telling you, my dear reader, more details after I've had a chance to use them on my darling Serafina (who loves being flogged!)


  1. Those look gorgeous - especially the heavy Elk. That's the kind of flogger I'd love to have used on me!

    xx Dee

  2. We just got them all in the mail yesterday The Elk is wonderfully thumpy, makes for beautiful variety of sensations. I've already loving it, and so is Serafina! I have a flogger from the same maker that's made of a delightful black Goat leather, I'm positive you'd love it too!



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