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Ms Awake reviews Lelo's Soraya

Late last month, we shared a friend's erotic fiction here at, a story about a visit to the library.  Today, it is our great pleasure to bring you more work from the same author, a new but dear friend, Ms Awake, who we hope will continue sharing her work here.

We've focused a lot of our reviews on non-conventional sex-toy items, things like safety shears, collars, and rope.  So, it's great to add some more variety, as well as a new reviewer's viewpoint, to this site's offerings.  Collars and rope are important elements of BDSM play, but it's not likely they are actually going to "get you there", they are more like appetizers that build hunger for the main event.

According to the review that you are about to read, Lelo's Soraya will satisfy that hunger . . . 
Lelo's Soraya (photo by Ms Awake)

A toy review - The LELO Soraya 

I hadn't had a vibrator in years and with some mad money I decided to go shopping online. I mean, how hard could it be to find a vibrator? Famous last words, I'm sure.

There are so many styles and shapes and speeds and quality levels... the choices are infinite! I narrowed mine down immediately. I wanted something high end, and something that didn't look like a giant cock. Why? I don't really know. Maybe in the unlikely event that one of my kids find it, there is a certain amount of plausible deniability - it's an electric ear cleaner!

So that narrowed down things considerably and I focused on the brand LELO, from Sweden. Next I started reading specs from different websites. I wanted something insertable. I was going to go with Gigi or Liv (like idea, they all have interesting names), but then I saw the Soraya... with it's multiple settings and clit extension... well I was sold. This I had to try! And I found a great site with a great price and I ordered it.

It came within 5 business days, in discreet packaging, and was packed well. The box the Soraya came in was lovely. It certainly it feels like a luxury item, even just from the outside. It came fully charged and ready to go, and included the charging cord, a travel bag, a broach (random and strange!), a condom and lube and instructions. It is a part of a series called the Insignia Pleasure Objects

It felt silky smooth in my hand and, isn't in the least bit awkward to hold, in fact I'm sure there is some crazy ergonomic science in there, it feels that nice to handle. And the control buttons were easy to touch and use. There are three - One to increase vibration, one to decrease and one to switch settings. And the settings!

Each one has a different vibration location and combination. There are 7 different types/combinations of vibrations that are either in the wand part or in clitoral extention or both. There are also different pulses. And then add to that the various speeds, from feather light to super strong (at least they felt that way to me!). I was totally impressed with just how strong the vibrations on this were! Extremely intense. And quiet! Which is another feature I totally appreciate.

I had the opportunity to play with my Soraya both by myself and with my partner. Both experiences surpassed any I have ever had with any kind of toy. I have an Njoy wand that I also love, but it obviously doesn't have the features of the vibrating pleasure object. I seriously couldn't be happier with my choice and it's performance.

I give the Soraya by LELO a 5 out of 5 orgasms. For quality, performance, aesthetics, form and versatility.

Ms Awake


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