Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a little public play - a trip to the bookstore

Not too long ago, at the height of the holiday shopping season, just two days before Christmas, I took Serafina shopping.

Almost everyone in North America is shopping that time of year, so I realize the opening line is not exactly earth shattering news, it's an almost perfect antithesis of a great hook designed to grab a reader's attention.  Shopping at Christmas time is about as mundane as it gets, right?

That's part of the reason I've struggled to write up this piece, the drama is fairly subtle.  But please bear with me, one twist at the end of the story is good enough that, were I writing fiction, I'd not use the idea, as being unbelievable.  What is it they say about truth being stranger than fiction?

Returning to the story, it needs to be told that Serafina and I didn't have any last minute shopping to do.  In fact, we'd already passed presents to my business partners, as well as sending off whatever cards and tokens we might wish to give to far away family.  We'd already purchased every present for each other we might possibly desire, too.  There was no need at all for us to go out and brave the cold and crowds on what might be the second or third busiest shopping day of the year for brick and mortar retail stores.

This particular shopping trip was more of an exercise in putting my darling Serafina on the spot in a public setting.  My interest was in watching her react when given a public task that was ever so slightly challenging.  The idea being to have some public play without it being overt, as here in the Midwestern Bible Belt it doesn't take much to cross a line into gasps of shock (or horror) - and I don't believe in involving others into sexual play without consent.

I'd started by telling Serafina to dress up just a little for me.  I asked for a sexy look, but nothing terribly overt.    If I remember right, I said something about looking like a sex starved suburban soccer mom.  As usual, my slave/wife delivered.  I know some of our readers might like more details about her outfit, but I don't always know the right words or descriptions for clothes, I just know when a woman's look is "right", and Serafina usually understands.

From there we proceeded to the local bookseller.  If I could be accused of having a "fetish" for any one item it would be books.  Admittedly it's a non-sexual fetish, so perhaps there's a better word, but I am a book reader.  My book collection fills 7 large bookcases at least Serafina's height, as well as a number of smaller bookshelves.  There was a time when I was getting so many books from that my local post office began to joke about being my personal library!  But, I digress . . . 

Anyway, there we were at BAM! - Books a Million, crowded with shoppers, Serafina and I walking in together, holding hands like new lovers do.  I first led us to the magazine rack where I began an ultimately futile gesture of looking for something with even a smattering of fetish or BDSM content.  I know the Internet has taken a toll on fetish type publications, but I believe there are still a few out there to be found.  But not here in the Bible Belt!

OK, time to go in a new direction.  I lead us back through the shelves of books, exploring to find the section on sexuality.  It only took a moment and we were there, browsing a pretty limited selection of books on sex, both instruction and erotica.

I have to admit, there wasn't too much there that caught my eye.  There was a time when stores like Borders had a decent selection of content on alternative sexuality, but I remember hearing about some soccer mom types getting all up in arms about books by Pat/Patrick Califia.  I might find a little racy content, but I knew for sure Books a Million wasn't going to be stocking anything like Doing It For Daddy.

We searched through the adult content for 15 minutes or so before I made my selection. I did find two books that were "racy" enough to be a little bit of fun.  The first book was The Book of Kink: Sex Beyond the Missionary by Eva Christina, the second was SatisFaction - Erotic Fantasies for the Advanced & Adventurous Couple by Karrine Steffans.

I handed the two books to Serafina, and told her to look them over, thumb through the books quickly.  As I said, it wasn't terribly taboo content, but it had more than a little kink edge.  I'm sure Serafina would have no problems with the topics in the books had we been discussing them in the privacy of our own home, but this wasn't our home. I enjoyed watching Serafina's face color a little as other customers wandered in and out of the area around the bookrack for tomes on sexuality.

When she'd finished perusing the books to my satisfaction, and at a moment when we were again alone in the row among the bookshelves, I leaned in close to my slave/wife, and asked her to look into my eyes.  I stand about 6' tall, Serafina is 5'2", so the 10" between us in size does give me a nice commanding position in this circumstance.  I savored the moment, and then began my instructions.

"You are going to go purchase those books for me, alone, while I watch from a vantage point across the store," I said with a deep but quiet intonation.  I reached down and held my Serafina's hand in mine for a moment, sliding a $100 dollar bill I'd secreted in my hand right into her slightly damp palm.

"As you go through the line waiting to pay, you'll hold the books like a proper lady, in front of you.  Make sure to hold them in a such a fashion that anyone who looks, or even glances, can see the slutty titles you are about to purchase," I continued.

"It may be Christmas time, but people are still curious," I teased.  "Sex sells because it grabs people's attention, with the way you are dressed, and with the books you'll be buying, I'm sure you'll be noticed," I added with a smile.

"When they look at you they'll probably wonder if you are a desperate housewife, or perhaps the judgmental might even wonder if you aren't some kind of whore, or something," I emphasized.  "The $100 bill in your hand that you'll use to pay, may help them decide," I hissed into my slave/wife's ear.

"You do know that's how whores get paid," I added, also flashing my most wicked grin.  Serafina didn't know how to respond.  This wasn't anything we'd ever discussed or negotiated, I'd taken her out of her normal comfort zone.

I'd made her a little unsure, I'd planted a seed in her brain that I knew would grow.  I watched my Serafina squirm a little and blush.  Her reaction was exactly what I had hoped for.  Maybe it wasn't a Mastercard moment, but it was still priceless!

"Do I really have to?" she asked.

I waited for a moment as another patron moved through our aisle, then I replied.

"You may be a slave, but you do always have choices darling," I said to her with a reassuring smile.

"If you'd prefer you can choose to be punished.  If you choose we can go directly home where I'll paddle your bottom beet red for disappointing me.  When your paddling is complete you'll service me with your mouth, and go to bed unsatisfied as a part of the punishment," I offered with a knowing grin.

I know my Serafina.  The paddling and oral service didn't scare her as much as the "unsatisfied" portion of the alternative I'd offered.  She's spoiled terribly.  When we play, it's very common for her to lose count of the number of orgasms I give her.  As she's gone deeper into her slavery, she has developed a very high sexual hunger.  It's a trained reaction really, like Pavlov's dogs, ring the bell (figuratively not literally) and her pussy starts drooling!

"Master," she said sincerely, as she continued looking up at me, gazing into my eyes, "I'd like to buy the books for you . . . "

"That's a good little whore," I said, eliciting an even deeper blush.

"Thank you Master," she whispered back.

At that point, I took her winter coat (to make she everyone got to see her nice clothes) and sent Serafina off to check out.  I watched from a nice vantage point across the store as my slave/wife entered the long line to pay for her books.  It might not have been obvious to others, but I certainly enjoyed the slight discomfort in her posture, the way she squirmed as she stood, the blush that colored her face.

After following her with my gaze for a few minutes, I grabbed another book for myself and stepped into line 4 or 5 patrons behind a wicked slut buying naughty books about kinky sex.  I was actually enjoying standing in line during the holiday season, another priceless moment when I stopped to think about it.

As she approached checkout, I observed the luck of the draw at work.  There were 4 or 5 people checking out customer purchases, all but one of them looked young and fairly "hip".  The final clerk was an old crone, the kind that can't take a sip of water without looking displeased, unhappy, almost clearly sexually repressed, and judgmental to boot.

Surveying the scene, I'd hoped for Serafina to get the crone, and luck would have it that she did!

I saw the crone's disapproving look when she read the titles to the books Serafina was tasked to purchase.   I swear the old bitty did a visible double take, and then stopped to read them again.  I'm pretty sure she was appalled that the bookstore was even selling such smut.  It was like she held the books at arm's length to run them through the price scanner, she couldn't keep them far enough away form her person.

I almost broke out laughing at the spectacle of it all.

My comedic bliss was ruined by being the next in line to be served, so I went to the counter, paid my money, and completed the purchase.  I expected to see Serafina waiting for me in the store's entry (remember that I'd taken her winter coat,) but, instead when I glanced back over my shoulder, I saw she was still checking out.

Being a kind and compassionate Master, I did wait there in the entry, watching for my darling slave/wife.  I'm very happy that I did take the time.

I watched my slave/wife finally finish her purchase and start walking towards the exit where I was waiting.  Then just before she got to the entry where I was waiting, the store's alarm sounded, lights flashed, and a surprised Serafina stopped dead in her tracks, unsure what to do next.

Before going on our little shopping trip, I'd actually considered coming up with a way to make this exact scenario happen.  After all, having the store's theft alarm go off would draw the maximum possible attention to my Serafina, putting her on the spot more effectively than I ever could on my own.

In the end, I'd rejected the idea for a number of reasons. Any scenario I could imagine required me to peel off at least a portion of another book's price label and somehow stick it to Serafina's person.  That's not impossible, but it goes a bit farther than I was willing.  I could also envision such a "trick" resulting in Serafina actually being searched, or detained by store security, and that wasn't exactly the path I was seeking either.

Somehow, through no doing of my own, the alarm is going off.  It was unbelievable.  I think to myself with amazement - what luck, what great fortune, it's almost like a sign from above!  This was perfect!  It's unbelievably good.

The rest dear reader, as they say, is just details.

Serafina's clerk, the uptight, judgemental, and disapproving old crone, with her self-righteous indignation had somehow forgotten to properly process the purchase.  After returning to the counter, another clerk quickly gave the books the correct treatment, without a second glance at the titles I might add, and Serafina was out to join me.

I gave my slave/wife her coat, we retired to our car, and drove away giddy and giggling.

It's a simple story really, my wife and I went to the store and bought two books, an ordinary outing for most people.  Serafina and I managed to make it into something a little more for ourselves, to make the ordinary into the somewhat unusual . . . . 


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