Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hand Gag (keeping her quiet pt. 6)

No Assembly Required - Hand Gags
Welcome again, my dear friends and readers, to another installment of keeping her quiet, an continuing multi-post series about gags in BDSM.  Other postings in the series (so far) include:
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Once again, I'd like to remind readers that the title of the series, Keeping Her Quiet, is only a reflection of my experience as a dominant, and not intended to be chauvinistic or sexist. I do not believe in stifling or silencing women in everyday life, so understand that this post is about BDSM and not the politics of gender.

The title of the series, and the tone of my posts reflect my personal experience, but the subject matter and techniques discussed are almost always universal in nature and not dependent on a particular sexual orientation. Please feel free to apply your own sexual preference and orientation as needed . . .

Thanks for reading, I sincerely hope you enjoy the article.

I know a cat named Way-Out Willie,
Got a cool little chick named Rocking Millie.
He can walk and stroll and Susie Q
And do that crazy hand gag, too.
Hand gag, hand gag, do that crazy hand gag . . . 
   ~~ my apologies to Johnny Otis, Eric Clapton, the Grateful Dead, George Thorogood, and musicians everywhere who have performed the original "Willie and the Hand Jive", the song who's lyrics I've taken liberties with today . . . 

Hand Gags & BDSM

Today we're talking today about the classic hand gag, detailing it's use in BDSM scenes and play. You've seen this gag at the motion pictures, it's a classic in detective, horror, suspense, and thriller style movies.

It's the scene where the villain comes up from behind our victim. Capturing her with one arm, he clamps his free hand firmly over the heroine's mouth. By doing so, he effectively silences any attempt she might make to call for help.

It should be said that the hand gag is not quite as effective in real life as it appears to be in the movies. There are actually few things as effective as the movies might portray when it comes to totally silencing a struggling lady, especially one who's truly intent on making noise.

With that minor limitation in mind, I do believe the hand gag is an absolute classic.  And, it does offer some unique advantages all it's own.

The first time I used a hand gag during sex, I wasn't even overtly aware of it's BDSM overtones.  It was during my first marriage, I was 18 years old, and I was just discovering the joys of being a newlywed.

My wife, Charlie, and I were entertaining a friend of mine.  She and I stepped into the kitchen together to make some mixed drinks.  Suddenly we were struck, as newlyweds often are, with the overpowering urge to screw, right then and there, on the kitchen floor.

Moments later, with our pants down around our ankles, we were rutting like animals in the kitchen of our small three room apartment. We were separated from my friend by a single empty room, and Charlie was a very passionate woman. I should say right now that none of our differences ever came from the bedroom.

Charlie was always pretty freely vocal in expressing her lust for lovemaking.  But, as she started with her usual coos and moans, my friend's close proximity was forgotten.

Instinctively I clamped my hand down over Charlie's mouth to quiet her sounds of passion. When she reached for me, I thought it was to push my arm away. To my surprise, she instead pulled my hand down more strongly.

The tighter Charlie pressed my hand over her mouth, the tighter her internal embrace became. Within moments, she was squirming and shaking in orgasm underneath me. As I pushed my hand down tighter still, seeing her face turn a little red, as I was now temporary blocking her breath, I came too.

My orgasm was overpowering. I came with extreme urgency and surprising passion for a guy who was getting a little raw from frequent sex. I didn't even realize it at the time, but I'd just had my first intimate experience with a hand gag.

Let me tell you, it was good! There's something especially powerful that is stirred in me when I clamp my hand over a woman's mouth to act as a gag. This isn't a gag that you'll need to hunt for or dig out of the toybag. Like I said in the name for this piece, no assembly required.

I think that is one of the things that makes a hand gag so powerful - it's absolute immediacy. Hand gags are the gag of here and now. And that makes hand gags a very personal thing.

When I clamp a hand gag over Serafina's mouth, I can feel her lips, I can feel her breath. And, in return, she can feel the strength of my hand, and the heat of my palm, as I clamp it ever so tightly over her mouth.

As I stated at the start of this post, the actual usefulness of this gag will never match what the movies might lead you to believe. The effectiveness of this gag does vary quite a bit depending on the amount of pressure applied, as well as the relative size of the dominant's hand compared to the submissive's face and mouth.

I should also add that this isn't the ideal gag for biters.  If the submissive I'm considering hand gagging is one who loves to really sink her teeth into a situation, my fingers and palm won't likely be pressed up over her mouth.  

No offense, but I'm not the masochist!


  1. love it! i was squirming just reading this. I am want to be a little demanding when it come to a hand to mouth experience. I need it. The immediacy the closeness, the raw nature of it..i always have fingers in mouth or his hand over my mouth in the throws of submission. Can't do without it. the advantage of the thumb and index finger pressing nostrils closed in an all too familiar breath play...yes ..ahem..a little squirmy :)

  2. I'm flattered that I could have such an effect!

    And . . .

    I'm always glad to hear when someone else enjoys a specific fetish activity as much as I do . . .

    kind regards,

  3. My husband sometimes gags me with / lets me bite into the padded part of his hand at the base of his thumb... just a little. It's hot.

    I'm very curious as to what happened after your impromptu fuck session on the kitchen floor. Was your friend curious what took you so long?

  4. Hello Conina!

    Well, to honestly satisfy your curiosity, I have to admit that my friend (Troy) was oblivious, or at least appeared to be, and didn't even seem to notice the extended absence.

    In his defense, I've always prided myself on having good stereo systems, and I think Troy was grooving to something by the Doors and totally immersed in finding out what Jim Morrison was going to do after he took a mask from the ancient gallery and walked on down the hall (from The End). . .

    thanks much for the comment!

  5. I love to feel Master Michael's hands and when he slide his hands over me I feel precious, loved, and beautiful.

    When he touches my face it is so comforting and uplifting. So up-close and personal! When he holds my head with a hand-full of hair, and I feel his other hand approaching me, I am trying to remember to snatch a quick in-breath.

    The reason is he has cut off air when I was breathing very shallow (because of anticipation) and already need air so I tend to panic. Sometimes Master reminds me to take in a breath too, and that is most helpful


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