Saturday, February 11, 2012

"The Big Ugly" is anything but . . .

From The Big Ugly, via my friend Curvaceous Dee's "regular roundup of interesting reads", comes a photo that should be near to the heart of anyone who grew up around agriculture . . .
I wonder what the cows were thinking? (picture from The Big Ugly)
I don't often re-post other's artwork as the primary feature of a post, but Serafina recently spied a similar cattle feeding ring in a neighbor farmer's pasture, and almost squealed with submissive (and almost childlike) glee as she said, "Master, we really need one of those!"

My darling Serafina wants to be bound to one of these.  She'd like me to get out my hemp (or perhaps my jute) rope and lash her to one of these, before tormenting, and perhaps flogging, her into complete ecstasy.  It's a pretty compelling fantasy, one I'd be happy to fulfill.  Except for the obvious logistical difficulties.

You see, we may live in an agricultural community in a state dominated by agriculture, but I don't have an acreage where I can place such a piece of equipment.  We live in your standard 70's suburban style home, in your basic small middle class subdivision.

I'm not exactly feeling partial to mowing around one of these in my backyard, or explaining it to the neighbors for that matter.  So, I'd let the idea go as not something I could very easily attain.  There are much simpler items to check off of my slave/wife's sexual bucket list.

But now I read A Feather in My Cap, and I feel like a bit of a slacker.  That blog's self portraiture artist, Lauralyn, does absolutely incredible work, I am amazed and impressed by her art, and her courage.  Here's just a little taste of the story about how she got permission for this shoot:
Not that this should matter, but to me it really does - the farmer's not some nobody, and he's not just anybody...around here he's a well-respected somebody. And so for him to eschew the omnipresent scuttlebutt over my questionable lifestyle, choosing instead to form his own opinions about me and my art, but more importantly - to facilitate and encourage my self-portraiture the way he did - was a surprise and welcome feather in my cap...
You'll need to go over and read the rest of the story on her site.  And btw - there are more than just sexy round bale feeding ring pictures, lots of inspiration to be found there!


  1. Welcome to the 'Fans of Lauralyn Group'! Ain't she awesome?

    xx Dee

  2. Ohhhh...Emmm...GEEEEE! - Are you KIDding me? How fantastic is THIS?! I havta confess, I haven't been spending much time on my computer lately (the good news is - that's all about to change!) which would explain why/how I missed this incredibly nice thing that you've done here, in sharing my work with your readers. If it weren't for Dee commenting on my blog this morning to let me know, it's likely that I never would've seen it. (DOUBLE THANKS to Dee, for a.) posting my picture on HER blog, and b.) for giving me the heads-up about this amazing entry!) Anyway, Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness - for a Monday, this day feels pretty damn GOOD! THANK You, both!


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