Friday, February 10, 2012

announcements: Guest Authors, Creative Commons, strictly non-commercial, etc.

Four brief announcements that may or may not mean a whole lot to most readers here, but yet are vitally important in the background to Serafina and I as we move forward here with the Spiritual BDSM blog.  The first two are matters I discussed with Serafina earlier in the week.  The third is a decision I made on my own this morning, but am quite sure she'll agree with when she arises, and the fourth is simply adding a title for a responsibility I'd already assigned to my slave/wife.
  1. We are in process of removing any affiliate links we had on this site.  It's not a difficult decision, we'd had one or two affiliate links up for 3 months and not earned a cent.  To be honest, neither one of us is comfortable "flogging the blog" (as we like to call it) for any kind of commercial purpose, we aren't the kind to ask our reader to use our links to shop.  We still will feature reviews and links to vendors we personally use (no changes there) but we're not going to be looking to make a red cent from links for sales.  Call it the Consumer Reports model for sex toy reviews or whatever you might like, it simply means no advertising or affiliate links here ever!
  2. We will also be featuring more frequent posts from friends who share a kinky lifestyle.  Serafina and I plan to continue posting just as frequently ourselves, and we'll still be in the background administering everything with this blog too.  With that said, we have a few wonderfully talented friends who's perspectives, reviews, thoughts and fantasies deserve to be shared here.  
  3. This is my decision alone, it hasn't yet been discussed with Serafina, who is still asleep.  Call it an executive decision by the Editor.  But, in light of the first two announcements, it's perfectly logical to post everything here at under a Creative Commons License, rather than try to maintain any kind of traditional copyright.  We've blogged before on an unrelated topic, and that blog was Creative Commons. is also officially under a  Creative Commons License as well.
  4. I've also decided to bequeath a new title upon my lovely slave/wife and editorial assistant Serafina, who for the purposes of this blog will become Art Director.  Almost all of the original pictures featured here were taken by my slave/wife, who gets this title to go along with the fancy-pants new camera she got for Christmas.  If it's one of our pictures and Serafina's sweet bottom (or other parts) isn't in the shot, you can pretty well bet she was behind the lens.
I've always considered myself simply the blog's co-author, a role I shared along with my lovely slave-wife Serafina.  I suppose I'll need to be adding a second "title" to my responsibilities, as I'll now consider myself to also be this site's Editor.  Sounds impressive, eh?  It really just means that I'll coordinate the posting of articles here on the blog.   Hopefully I'll be coordinating at least a couple of regular contributors, and I'm always looking for interesting kinky material for guest posts.


Michael Samadhi

Creative Commons License


  1. Congratulatons on the promotion Serafina!!


  2. Congratulations all around.

    Be well,


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