Friday, February 3, 2012

accidents don't happen - pt 2 - learn from this!

Yesterday, in a post called "accidents don't happen, they are caused," I started reporting on an incident where a well known bondage personality and instructor (Midori) dropped a submissive from suspension bondage onto a cement floor.  Yes, I editorialized too, as safety issues are very important for the BDSM community to address, and it seems as though this particular accident should have been avoidable.

Serafina, who often hears my writing as a work in progress when I read portions aloud, was actually a little disappointed in the version I posted.  While editing my piece before posting, I removed or reworded portions of my writing that seemed overtly angry.  Serafina felt that the version I posted was more balanced and professional in it's tone, but that it lacked the passion and impact of the voice I'd used when first writing a post on the topic.

This isn't a topic where it's easy to maintain journalistic balance.  I've been a fan of Midori's work for a long time.  As I said in the original post on this topic, I've wanted to take one of her workshops and to meet her in person.  As an avid reader, I've also purchased all her books as soon as they are published.  I think Midori's a great writer, her passion, thoughtful attitude, and obvious love of the fetish world make her one of my favorites.

Because I've always felt a sort of affection (perhaps even admiration) for Midori, I took news of her failure more personally than I might have had the same accident happened to a different personality from BDSM realms.  In retrospect, I might have felt less passion had the news been about someone I didn't respect as much.

Commenting directly on the posting in it's original location, I said:
Why did this bondage fail?
How could this accident have been prevented?
Aren't those the questions we should be asking, instead of worrying about damage control, which is what inevitably happens after any accident . . .
Knowing what to do when there is an emergency is fine and everything, but it belabors the real point that should be made - Accidents like this aren't inevitable, they are caused by human error.
Instead of concentrating on how to react in emergencies, the focus should be on emergency prevention. An ounce of prevention, after all, is worth at least a pound of cure! 
Mistakes were made.  A great number of things have been damaged, not just one individual's physical well being and another's reputation.  The emotional impact this will have on directly involved parties is immeasurable, and it's going to have an impact on the entire BDSM community too.

I do still believe that accident prevention is far more important than accident response, but a solid night's sleep and some dispassionate thought on the subject has helped me to realize the importance of also discussing some more appropriate responses to potential disasters of this kind.  When mistakes are made, lessons can be learned, let's not let the suffering this accident will inevitably cause be for naught . . .

There are many lessons to be taken home from this accident.  In addition to stressing the importance of accident prevention, it should also be emphasized that the time to learn proper emergency response technique is long before an accident ever happens.  CPR, first aid, and basic emergency response training are all essential parts of being a good citizen in any community, and that's especially true in the BDSM world.

(to be continued)


  1. Hello :)
    I was not certain if you had read this but thought I would share Miss Tokyo's view on the situation as this topic appears to be a very important and emotional one for you.

    All the best,

    1. thank you goodgirl,

      I've read Mistress Tokyo's public statement as it was reposted by Hebari, and was planning to re-post her statement here tomorrow as part of the continuing discussion on this topic.

      thank you very much


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