Wednesday, January 11, 2012

VOTE - ohhh darlings how will Serafina's poor butt burn?

hack 1  (hk)
v. hackedhack·inghacks

a. Informal To alter (a computer program): hacked her text editor to read HTML.
b. To gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization: hacked the firm's personnel database.
2. Informal
a. To write or refine computer programs skillfully.
b. To use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network: hacked into the company's intranet.
The Scorpion's 9 thin neoprene tresses cause extreme "sensation" 
Photo by Gillian of Adam and Gillian
I'd like to start this post with an apology for anyone who might have gotten any odd mail, or warnings, from Tumblr or Serafina's email, perhaps even this site.  Apparently Serafina was hacked by an individual who uses malicious code in a Tumblr page to elicit users to enter their email address and password.

Serafina's very sorry this has happened!

To the best of our knowledge Google, Facebook, and other services shut the intrusion down and warned her immediately.  All of her accounts have been secured and are now again under her complete (and almost exclusive - Master knows her passwords ) use and control.

When Serafina feels as though she has let me down, she's quite self punishing.  I almost always reserve corporal punishment (CP) like spanking and paddling for exclusive use in a scene between she and I; meaning in our household CP is not used in a punitive fashion for mistakes or misbehavior.

I don't believe in spanking children for misbehavior either, by the way, it's an odd quirk of mine I guess.  I believe in more inventive forms of discipline, where somehow the punishment fits the crime.  I look to make discipline reinforce the lesson I'm about to teach.

However, I'm thinking a bit of corporal discipline is in order, simply to help reinforce in her mind that one must exercise extraordinary caution when navigating the Internet.  I think this needs to be a lesson she remembers . . .

Since her mistake involved the readers of this blog, I thought it was only fitting for the blog's reader's to help decide her fate!  There's a poll on the top right of our sidebar where reader's will get to decide what kind of punishment Serafina receives.
  1. Long horsehair flogging.  Horsehair can be very sensuous, in the beginning.  The longer and harder the horsehair flogger is used, the more it tends to make skin itch, then burn.  I've heard it described as leaving a submissive teetering between begging for it to stop, and begging for more.
  2. Her first real caning.  I have three new canes on the way from a wonderful couple who produce outstanding toys.  They will arrive before the poll concludes.
  3. All of Master's paddles! I have two new paddles on the way from the same source as the canes, adding more variety to the already extensive collection of paddles and slappers this punishment would deliver to Serafina's backside.
  4. 10 lashes from "the Scorpion" - The Scorpion is pictured at the start of this post.  Here's how the Cat is described by it's maker:  Scorpion - Severe -9 tresses, 26” long - Eight thin, round tresses surround the one longer center tress -- which gives this sting-y Black Rubber Cat its name. This “stinger” tress creates a second point of contact at each stroke, which, as often as not, is a “wrap” -- a stroke that wraps around the body in a “crack the whip” fashion, increasing the power of the impact. With the idea that owners will trim the center tress to suit their own styles, we put a bit more length in this tress than, strictly speaking, may be called for.  For the record, I've never gotten around to trimming that center tress, oooops my bad!
  5. Everything Master can offer. - This is probably the most intense option, although none of the individual elements (cane, paddle, strap, flogger, etc) would be used for long, the sheer number of different floggers, crops, paddles, straps would ensure a long and exhausting scene for everyone involved.  For instance she'd likely feel the full sting of the scorpion a couple times before moving to another alternative.
  6. Nothing - poor girl suffers enough. - If this option is picked, I'd honor it of course, but where's the fun in choosing this option?
It's simple really, Serafina and I get our individual votes, but beyond that her fate is in the hands of our readers.  Her vote was the first, and she had the single stipulation that she was not allowed to select #6, but from here until the poll closes next Saturday at Midnight CST, she can only await the fate that you, our dear readers, will inflict as her punishment.

You know what they say in Chicago - "Vote Early and Vote Often!"


  1. I feel a little evil for voting, but having never been caned, I couldn't resist! Sorry Serafina!

  2. Have to go for the caning. If she's had it before, its not true punishment. Its hard to punish a submissive masochist with pain but a new experience that pushes limits would be a challenge.

  3. @ Ms Awake - I'm sure Serafina will forgive you for voting, although I'm not as sure about the choice of the cane, as that's the selection she fears most. xxxooo

    @ Timminswolf - I like your style of thinking, and obviously you are correct, she fears the cane the most because it's unknown!

  4. BTW - for individuals who aren't "impressed" by the sound of 10 lashes by the Scorpion, it's easily the most extreme flogger I've ever used. Serafina doesn't mark especially easily despite her very pale skin, but this one will leave behind souvenirs, I can guarantee! It's guaranteed to bruise if used with any kind of authority, and it might very well rival the cane for intensity of sensation. 10 lashes with the Scorpion would likely leave behind as many (or more) marks as a caning, small tiny biting welts . . . If I was on the receiving end, I honestly believe I'd fear this more than the cane as the cane's far easier for a Dom to control - the thin round neoprene tresses have little wind resistance making this a fast biting cat o' nine tails.

  5. Gosh mouse will have to think about that...give it special consideration and vote her conscience.


  6. always vote your conscience mouse

    hugs and lashes ;)

  7. caning ... also because i have never been caned and it scares me too. serafina, next time be more careful on your Master's computer.

  8. caning is by far the most popular so far lydelia . . I'm thinking you'll likely get your wish!

  9. Hello,
    as she has never experienced a "real" caning I certainly hope this does not win as that might psychologically alter her perception of said instrument. As you would not use corporal punishment for a child when he or she has done wrong my vote is number 6: Nothing.

    Wishing you all the best.

  10. ahhhh goodgirl . . . you make an excellent point . . .

    as a sensual sadist I would not normally use a cane for punishment . . . as spanking and paddling and (egads yes!) even caning are turn-ons for me . . . they are normally reserved for "play" only . . .

    this exception is inspired at least in part by The Upper Floor (a bondage site that is part of's porn empire) . . . the members of the Upper Floor sometimes have an influence on live proceedings when they make suggestions and requests online . . . our friends who are members of that site have been invited to come vote . . .

    I can also assure you that Serafina's pleas for "nothing" are primarily dramatic touches designed to make the whole exercise more fun for everyone . . .

    while she was "forbidden" from personally voting for "nothing" - I think she would have voted for "some of everything" regardless of any prohibitions I might have made . . .

    ask her and she'll admit that she enjoys her spankings, that she absolutely adores being flogged . . . and I believe she will get some pleasure from her caning . . . I'd wager that she'll be very wet when it's done . . .

    we just got three canes in the mail . . . certainly you have to know that Serafina knew they were coming . . . and every "toy" has to have a first time . . . what delicious fun to get to document it all for our friends to be blogged here . . .

    the "punishment fits the crime" is my usual motto . . . and if I were concerned with "correction" or "discipline" I'd have invented another route reinforce my wishes . . . Serafina already knows that . . . now you do too!

  11. Michael,
    I do hope that my shared view was not taken as an insult for that most certainly was not my intent. I spoke only from a place within and by no means did I speak from a place of disrespect. When it comes to the cane I actually like such an instrument when it is used for play and my first experience was a positive one - one that was not a form of punishment. I absolutely believed that Serafina knew full well that one day the canes would be used and yes I bet she has great anticipation and hesitation in having them land on her flesh and I will absolutely take your word when you say she would most likely be aroused after a caning. For me, I would not want my first introduction to an object to come from punishment, that is all. :)

    Because I was uncertain how many smacks you would give with all your instruments is why I picked "nothing". I also picked "nothing" because after reading many of your entries I had a feeling that Serafina "punishes" herself far harder than you probably ever could and she most likely had punished herself a great deal. Of course I could be way off and am happy to admit that.

    I am very aware of The Upper Floor although I do not take from it the pleasure you do although I can see how it would be handy to have for excitement especially as you said you are a little segregated from the world of BDSM solely based on your geographical location. I hope you both continue to enjoy such entertainment and I also hope whatever the punishment is you both have fun and enjoy it the way you desire.

    Wishing you all the best,

  12. Dear goodgirl,

    no insult or disrespect was felt here on my end . . . far from it . . . I felt engaged by your comment and I was simply attempting to make sure readers like yourself didn't misunderstand the dynamic here. . .

    I'm still not sure I've completely cleared up any mis-perceptions . . . but those that may linger are probably inherent in the medium . . .

    I also wish you the best, your contribution to the dialogue is appreciated!

  13. I do not wish our readers to be in anyway upset or bothered. . my pleas are for dramatic alone because we have already established that true punishment is not any advantage in our relationship. Master is stretching my limits and he does so carefully and with my consent.

    BTW it is quite possible to change your choice.


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