Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is beautifully said, I wanted to share it with you!
~ Serafina

On Presenting.
In a BDSM relationship, a Dominant liberates a girl from vanilla convention.  I use presentation as a central theme.  It is a simple concept, uncluttered by implements, and yet - a highly erotic behavior that is charged with meaning and soon becomes a greatly anticipated part of the dance.
In conventional relationships, as laid out by societal norms, a “good girl” is pursued sexually by suitors. We have carried forth the tradition of the mating dance, and men display, strut, fight for rights to approach, and do whatever they can to attract the attention (and the “gift” of sexual favors) of the female.  Many men will do or say anything to get into a woman’s pants.
The kind of girl I am attracted to is largely unfulfilled and left wanting by these practices.  She is beautiful, intelligent, gifted, confident in her role in society, and yet - left feeling incomplete by men who approach her with their version of the mating dance.  She quickly loses respect for these men - they are awkward and tentative - attempting to play a role to win her favor.
If I take a girl under my hand, I turn this dynamic inside out.  And presenting is the gateway.  I strip my girl, and in doing so, I strip away any role or position she has in the vanilla world.  I command her to present herself in a highly vulnerable pose, showing me her most nether regions in a stark display of her sexuality.  And I instruct her to spread her legs, pry apart her ass cheeks, open up her lips, and wet for me.
Consider the picture above, and ponder the start contrast of this practice to everything she has experienced in her life to date.  Also consider her internal dynamics.  As I sit back and enjoy her erotic display, she feels her societal “armor” stripped away, she feels vulnerable, and she descends rapidly to a place where she is liberated.  She obeys my commands, and in doing so, becomes a highly aroused bitch in heat, displaying herself, undulating and wetting, and begging me to take me in any way I wish.  She revels in her unbridled sexuality, and she yearns for my touch as I sate my hunger.
I lead in the dance.  But my girl dances for me.  Only for me.

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