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slave assignment 1/7/2012

I'd like to start today with a recap of Serafina's progress for our readers.

Serafina did submit to an oral exam on the subject of the Upper Floor's House Doctrine.  Her working knowledge of the document was more than satisfactory.  My slave/wife is an intelligent lady, so I do expect her to be able to learn the contents of documents and similar studies relatively well.  
She's more prone to struggling with physical aspect of her training, remembering to keep knees apart when a spanking gets rough, etc.  Today's assignment will begin to better address those issues with Serafina's body and positional awareness.  
At the time of her last examination, we also began to discuss specifics of how some written protocols might be adapted and adopted here in our home.

From the beginning of Serafina's submission, she's been instructed in the way I wish to be served as her Master, but we've never had written rules or contracts.  I intend to adopt more formalized approach to her service in the future, so it's a natural evolution for written contract and protocols to now be made.  I'll even be having Serafina's signature on the contract notarized, but that's still in the future.

As I said, today's assignment will focus on the physical.  There is one aspect of service at the Upper Floor that I have found to be directly useful and translatable into Serafina's service, and that will be the topic of today's assignment - position training.
My dearest Serafina, my darling slave/wife,

To say I'm impressed with the progress you've made in the last month would be an understatement.  Your growth as a slave has been dramatic.  I cherish you more each day, my beloved.  Know that your submission is perhaps the greatest gift I shall ever receive!

As we discussed upon the occasion of your last examination, you will now commence with a new program of training.  While your will to serve, your hunger and desire to please, are all outstanding, there is still much work to do.

It is time to better enforce that as slave, when Master so desires, your own body is not your's to command.  Just as you have been trained not to orgasm without first obtaining my permission, you will now learn that for floggings and other formal service, your entire body is to be awaiting my will, my desire, and nothing more.  

I know you understand this in your mind, but there are times where your body betrays that understanding.  So, position training is the obvious direction for you to continue to grow in service to your Master, the next skill to learn as a slave.

Revisiting the Upper Floor's Doctorine, I present to you the outline of your next lesson:
Standard Service Positions of the House
The novice typically begins learning these positions by being put into bondage, tied off to a point over head for safety, and made to hold balance - possibly on a block.  Apply the whip, crop, cane or other implement to test for movement, train endurance and discipline.  This is an excellent method of training pain processing and self control.
Standing straight, feet straight ahead and shoulder width apart.
Shoulders back, slight arch to the back, pressing out the chest.
Chin is up and head straight.
Eye-line is downward at 45 degrees with no movement or distraction.
The arms are folded tightly at the small of the back pushing the chest out slightly.
Forearms are parallel to the floor, fingers lightly clutch opposite arms just above the elbows.
This is a strict position and should be drilled for endurance and composure under duress.
This is the standard position a trainee assumes when being spoken to, awaiting instruction, or on completing a task.
On knees, not resting on haunches, but raised up high with pelvis thrust slightly forward to offer the genitals.
Thighs are spread, chin up, eyes downward at 45 degrees, back arched, chest out.
Head slightly back, mouth open, tongue slightly extended in preparation for oral service.
The subject may be ordered to masturbate themselves while in position.
Position 3 (All Fours)
Like a show dog, the subject is displayed on hands and knees.
Subject is open for manipulation, feeling up, fucking, for use as furniture, or for a position of punishment.
The chin is up, head straight and eyes downward at 45 degrees.
Genitals are free and offered from the rear.
Good for showing off the slave, face fucking, or for general inspection.
Postition 3 Variation
Presents the ass doggie style for fucking or for punishment.
From a position on all fours, the chest is lowered to press onto the floor.
The arms are folded at the small of the back, face turned to the left, cheek to the floor.
Thighs are wide, back is arched hard, pressing the ass up and out.
A slight variation puts the forehead to the floor, eyes drilling straight down into the floor.
Ideal or punishment and corrections to the ass and thighs.
Primarily a stress position, often used for training in endurance or for humiliating.
The feet are shoulder width apart, legs bent at the knees to lower the hips close to the floor.
Arms are folded behind the back as when at attention.
Chin is up, head straight, eyes downward at 45 degrees.
Do not allow the subject to actually sit.
To increase stress, put the subjects back against a wall and order the thighs to be held parallel to the floor.
Use extreme caution when adding bondage as many people cannot balance themselves in a squat and may fall.
Head slightly back, mouth open, tongue slightly extended in preparation for oral service.
The subject may be ordered to masturbate themselves while in position.
And also:
2.2 Basic Positions
1. Kneeling with legs spread wide exposing her pussy. Her ass is sitting on her feet and her hands are resting on her knees, palms up. Eyes should always be forward.
2. Kneeling with her ass in the air and legs spread. Head and chest is to the floor and hands stretched out above her head. Hand are together and palms are to the floor. This shows the utmost respect. Requests by slaves may be made from this position.
3. On all fours with legs and hands spread, head up, eyes forward, back arched to display ass.
4. Kneeling on heels, hands on floor behind butt with fingers pointed outward and together, pelvis presented.
5. Kneeling like position 1, but with hands behind the neck with fingers interlocked. Elbows far back forcing breast out.
6. Kneeling like position 1, but now arms are together in front and forearms being held in front of the face and hands above of the face. Hands are just above the top of head, together and palms up.
7. On floor on stomach, face down with head turned to left, crosses her wrists behind her back, and crosses her ankles.
8. Face down on the floor with legs together, toes pointed, and arms extended out at a 90 degree angle from the body. (If space does not allow then use compact version with arms bent at elbows and hands next to face) This is the apology position.
9. Standing, legs spread, arms above head, wrists crossed. Head is back and turned to the left.
10. Standing on tip toes with legs spread and wrists boxed behind back.
11. On the floor on back, legs spread wide, arms boxed behind back.
12. Kneeling, bends body backwards putting head to floor, place hands next to head, and push up to a back bend.
This list will become the initial basis for your study.

At my discretion, as your training progresses, I will add, alter, or replace positions from this list based upon my personal desires, as well as consideration of your physical limitations.

I will assist by instructing you in these positions, and correcting you as we practice together.  Until you have perfected and memorized them to your Master's satisfaction, we will have a regular drills as a routine before every flogging.  

When I am satisfied with your ability to present these positions, you will be photographed in each position with the intent that you will then create a position training tutorial for our readers.

With love, desire, and mastery,

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