Sunday, January 29, 2012

Samadhi, that's Italian?

If you've read even a few of my postings, you know I almost always have an odd story to tell, and today's no different.  Perhaps, it might be said, that today's post is odder than most, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and truth is almost always stranger than fiction . . .

Anyway, the other day I'm wading through my email inbox, deleting spam that slipped by the filters, responding to friends, when I see a subject that was not at all familiar.  It read . .
"sono una donna matura desidero essere schiavizzata"
Now, French I can read, that was one of the few things in my favor when considering immigration to Canada, you get a bonus from Canadian immigration authorities for speaking both of their native tongues, a language combination I call Frenglish.

I guarantee that message ain't Frenglish, and it doesn't look like German or Spanish either!

Fortunately, it's easy to translate foreign language phrases online these days, and online translators are smart enough that finding a translation didn't require any guessing on my part, it knew the note I had was written in Italian.  And the translator said that my message read . . .
are a mature woman want to be enslaved
Well, that translation made perfect sense, and it explained the naked photo of a middle aged woman I found attached.

And while I'm flattered certainly by the offer (kinda - maybe - ok not so much) I'm certainly not in the market to add another international slave to the household.  I mean I've already been grilled by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement people over bringing my one true love here from Canada, it was a nerve wracking experience, and we'd done almost everything right, all our paperwork was perfectly "by the book" . . .

I mean do I give the impression that I run the local office of "Slaves Without Borders" or something?

And I have to be honest, this wasn't the first time I'd had mail show up in Italian.


Not that long ago I'd read a worldwide poll reporting that German girls are the kinkiest, that they have the highest percentage of interest in BDSM and fetish activities.  Another ethnic group showing up high on the chart were Hebrews, although I wasn't clear if they meant just individuals from Israel or otherwise.  The Netherlands was also high on the list if I remember correctly, not a huge surprise considering the fair city of Amsterdam is known not only for it's hashish bars, but also for it's red light district.

Ladies from Italy barely made the lowest of the low poll numbers, I think they were neck and neck with countries where Islam is practiced.  I mean the relative lack of kink in Muslim countries makes sensein a way to me, who needs restraints and paddles if the mere glance of a woman's face is considered risque.

All the thoughts about Hebrews and Muslims are not what's terribly important to my point, although it does give hints as to which side of that deadly divide has more fun in my eyes, Hookahs and Harems notwithstanding.  Nope, sorry, I digress.  My real point is that Italian women didn't show up as being incredibly kink oriented.

But I get ladies from Italy writing . . .

It dawned on me the other day why this was happening.  It's the name, because Samadhi ends with an "i", it looks Italian to some eyes.  Ferrari, Puccini, Guicci, Lamborghini, Giovanni, Alighieri, DeVinci, Vanzetti, Brunetti, Sisti, Antonelli, Parducci, Piccirilli, not to mention Manicotti (yum) - all Italian names ending in "i" - and that list is like the bite of a horsehair whip, it barley scratches the surface!

So let clarify.  The name "Samadhi" is actually Sanskrit in it's origin.  I've bestowed myself with a name, a word from a dead language.

When I first became interested in the combination of BDSM and Tantra, back around 1990, I began by studying a variety of texts on Tantric Buddhism.  There I ran across the term "Samadhi" which I was told translated to mean "peaceful transcendental bliss".  Today, thanks to the wizards of Wikipedia, I can present a more complete description.

Samadhi (Sanskrit: समाधि) in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and yogic schools is a higher level of concentrated meditation, or dhyāna. In the yoga tradition, it is the eighth and final limb identified in the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali.
It has been described as a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object, and in which the mind becomes still, one-pointed or concentrated while the person remains conscious. In Buddhism, it can also refer to an abiding in which mind becomes very still but does not merge with the object of attention, and is thus able to observe and gain insight into the changing flow of experience.
Back in 1990 it wasn't a word you'd run across commonly.  That's less true today, as I see things like "Samadhi Yoga Center" and other uses of the word showing up commercially in some larger cities.

So just to be clear, the name's Samadhi, it's the Buddhist name I've adopted.   I'm sorry to disappoint the small but apparently unfulfilled population of lovely Italian ladies in need of a Master.  There's no "International House of Slavegirls" in my basement.

Serafina needs and deserves all my time and attention until she's ready to try her hand at also being a Domme, and then we'll see how she'd like to play.

At that point, if she and I were looking, I know the goal would be neither Italian nor German nor Dutch, and neither Hebrew nor Christian nor Muslum nor Buddhist.  Nope, none of that would matter in the ultimate search.

We'd be stalking the most exotic and elusive creature of them all, the Perfect Unicorn!

strip steaks sizzling on the the indoor grille
Have a great Sunday, my dear readers and friends.

I'll be putting on the Chef's hat again later before tonight's Pro-Bowl football game. I'll be grilling up some nice thick Ribeye steaks, with sides of baby 'Bella mushrooms sauteed in garlic butter, and loaded baked potatoes.

Wish you were here!



  1. "International House of Slavegirls" in my basement"

    Snorted my coffee reading this sentence. Too funny.


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