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Review - The Upper Floor (paysite) by

Because we live in the rural Midwest, Serafina and I are a bit more isolated from the BDSM community than we might prefer.  For years our responsibilities as caregivers for an infirm elderly relative served to further isolate us from most any entertainment we couldn't provide for ourselves, right there in our own home. When Serafina and I were wed, we didn't even get a single night away from our responsibilities, having to be at Mom's to deliver medicine at 9 pm the very night we were married.

Our lives are again our own, but we are still what might be called "geographically challenged" here in the Bible belt, rather than living in San Francisco, Seattle, or Vancouver where we'd rather be if circumstance and employment allowed.  Our consolation, for now, is that we can vicariously join an element of San Francisco's BDSM community through our The Upper Floor membership with

There are hundreds of BDSM membership sites competing for a kinkster's entertainment dollars, and there are probably dozens of them that are really good.  It's pretty hard to stand out from the crowd, but that's never been much of a problem for, who's headquarters (not to mention the locale for The Upper Floor) is the historic San Francisco Armory.

The Upper Floor is a different kind of WWW membership site for individuals interested in BDSM, as it's intended to be a place where the commercial world of pay per view pornography meets the real world BDSM community of San Francisco, with added live interaction from the site's membership thrown into the mix as an added twist.

It's unique, and for my slave/wife and I, it's delightful!

While The Upper Floor (TUF) can be accessed and enjoyed like other sites, with an archive of weekly updates that can be viewed on demand, live streaming shows are one of the site's greatest attractions. This most recent Saturday night, we were able to join a TUF party - Asphyxia's Initiation - from right here in our own home.

The concept behind the Upper Floor was originally to be an example of a living and working BDSM household, modeled upon fictional standards like The Story of O and the Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou.  The setting is lush, I think the set can best be described as being in classic Victorian whorehouse style, it's actually all occurring at the Historic San Francisco Armory, where, as I said before, is headquartered.

Commercial reality and concept do clash these days, as the house slaves aren't exactly a group of slaves who actually live on The Upper Floor set 24/7 toiling away continually as servants of the house.  Maybe it was once set up more along those lines, I don't know.  Instead today they tend to be a rotating cast of available submissives who have shown themselves viable for the TUF slave role by excelling on a variety of other sites.  I'm not knocking the slaves themselves by noting that the reality falls short of the concept, as the slaves we've seen performing on TUF live shows are very talented (and beautiful) ladies.

Among the House dominants, Stefanos is Serafina's favorite.  I also very much enjoy the persona of the House Steward, who is a major figure in the San Francisco BDSM community when he's not in role as the "ring master" of the Upper Floor's many gatherings.  It's my own personal thinking that the Steward was a Circus Ringmaster in another lifetime, he's very outgoing and adept at organizing the many disparate scenes that evolve uniquely with each show, I can easily imagine him directing the crowd's attention to the star attraction in the center ring!

Somwhat less visible for live functions is John Paul, aka the Pope, who is the House's Major Domo.  The Pope seems to be (as would be expected) a rather intent sadist and trainer.   The sadist in me appreciates JP's style, but Serafina isn't a huge fan of John Paul.  I think that his meaner streak scares my slave/wife just a little.

All in all, The Upper Floor is a unique experience, both interesting and exciting.  It's far more compelling to my sensibility than any vanilla pornography I've ever seen, and it seems to be at least the equal of most any other site. Membership at the Upper Floor costs less than adding an HBO package to our cable bill, so it's a fairly affordable addition to our entertainment budget.

We've already reviewed Wired Pussy, and gave it our thumbs-up, now we'll give similar kudos to The Upper Floor.  If anything, the variety and diversity of "play" seen on the Upper Floor, and the lush decor of the setting, make The Upper Floor even more enjoyable to watch than the average Wired Pussy scene.  This may very well be the one membership that we keep on a continuing basis as we go about touring the company's various sites.


  1. I discovered this past year, and every part I've explored on the site took my breath away. I don't know if it's the cinematography/photography or direction that really makes Kink stand out so much for me, but I've always felt like they (the fine folks at Armory) got inside my head and pulled out all my deepest, darkest fantasies. So much so that I actually bought my first online porn from them. 3 Different movies from the Sex and Submission section... worth every Kink token!

    On my list of to-do's is to visit the Armory (it's looking good for 2012!). I'd love to *experience* it, but probably a visit will have to do. ;)

  2. The more we communicate the more I'm convinced we are kindred spirits, intended to meet and share some of this odd journey . . . Friends and understanding support are important on this path, so I always cherish making new friends . . .

    The first online porn video I ever showed my Serafina was from Sex and Submission, aren't little coincidences like that funny? You probably already know we too hope to tour the SF Armory in the not too distant future, but I also have to admit at the same time that my current desire to purchase a "dungeon bed" - - might take precedence over a west coast vacation . . .

    I once told Serafina it was a good thing that we met in our middle age, rather than in our youth. If she and I were in our twenties, I'd be tempted to encourage her to be on a show like Sex and Submission or the Upper Floor, and that's probably a dangerous path for a couple that's unsure about poly relationships to go down. It is a most incredible fantasy however!

    Finally, one night while watching the live cams associated with the Upper Floor we did get to see a portion of a live shoot for one of's other sites. As with all things video, the actual shoot itself was full of starts and stops that will be seamlessly edited out of the final production. The video of the experience is likely far hotter than the experience itself, at least that was the appearance from the video shoot we witnessed.

    best wishes always,


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