Monday, January 2, 2012

"A nice start to a thoughtful and interesting blog!"

Greetings from Michael and Serafina Samadhi here in the heartland of the Americas, where the corn grows tall, and, like the leaves, the flogger tails fall.

We simply wanted to take a moment today to acknowledge something that has become a wonderful Christmas and New Year's gift for my lovely slave/wife and myself.  Just before Christmas, the blog you are currently reading got a wonderful review over at Jane's Guide.

Whoot! Whoot!!

Here are a couple excerpts from the review of by Jane's Guide:
It is still relatively young, but I felt that the level of conversation and original pictures really warranted a review. The couple enjoys Tantra and BDSM, and they definitely communicate about their lives in a very real (and sometimes quite raw and vulnerable) way. They have BDSM and kink articles about things like Darlex and Hepatitis. Michael shares assignments that he has written for his partner. The review section is a breath of fresh air, since it deals with things like collars and EMT scissors. 

Here is a sample of the sort of thing you'll read from Michael: "If a slave is somebody who has been totally devalued, I'd not want to command them, I'd want to shelter and protect them until they felt valued and human. My style of domination isn't depersonalizing, in fact quite the opposite, it's expressed by continually pushing for growth, empowerment, and enlightenment within the rituals and devotions of submission." I don't know about you, but I find that pretty darn hot. A nice start to a thoughtful and interesting blog! - Vamp
Wow!  We do appreciate the kind words!

We ended up quoting the majority of Vamp's review here, not because we wanted to violate Copyright, but simply because we are so proud to have such nice things said about our efforts here.  

It's very much an honor for a site as new as ours to be reviewed, we feel very privileged.  We have been experiencing a good increase in the number of visitors from the link provided with that review, which is always flattering.  Authors live to be read!

With that in mind, we simply wanted to stop for a moment, to give a wave and a shout.  We try to do our best to provide our virtual guests with a little taste of Midwestern hospitality, but it's not the easiest thing to do virtually.

If we had been privileged enough to enjoy your company in our home, we'd offer food, drink, perhaps a smoke if appropriate (no commercial carcinogenic tobacco please - but we hope to grow a little organic tobacco of our own in 2012 as well as other (legal) traditional Native American smoking herbs.)

I won't share my slave/wife's sexual services, I'm not that kind of host.  But, I'll offer most anything in my power short of that.  Serafina and I have been monogamous since the break-up of our initial triad in 2006, but in our home she's not allowed to be shy or coy about serving me in front of guests.

So, as a guest in my home you'd be welcome to enjoy the sights, thoughts, and company of a 24/7 lifestyle Master/slave couple.  Perhaps we might even share a more intimate look into Serafina's service oriented slavery, a peek into our bedroom, or dungeon.  If you ask real nice, and appear sincere, we wouldn't even be totally adverse to letting you feel the bite of a riding crop, cat, flogger, or perhaps even sting of a single-tail whipsickle, assuming the proper chemistry was there.

As far as humanly possible, that is the atmosphere we try to create here at  One just like you'd find in our home.  Sometimes it's a little cloudy with a haze of incense, but we always aspire to be honest, open, and sharing with our experiences and knowledge.

So, we'd like to say from both of our hearts, "Thank you!" to all our readers, both new and old.  I'm fond of telling Serafina that we are just getting started exploring her submission, that everything builds each day to a final greater whole.

I'd like to say the same thing to our readers about this blog too.  Welcome aboard, we are just getting started.  Every successive day, and each new posting, will build towards a greater whole in the BDSM information and resources we provide, as well as the very personal look we give into the lives of a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.

Yes indeed . . . We are just getting started!

PS - In case you aren't familiar with Jane's Guide, it's a site devoted to (primarily) providing reviews of adult websites from all across the Internet.  We were reviewed by Vamp, one of Jane's group of 4 primary reviewers; Jane, Vamp, Peter, and Sara.


  1. Happy New Year to you both!

  2. Dear Serafina and Michael, Best wishes for the New Year!!

    I wondered if you could please email me at skydancerinusa@hotmail to have me invite you to continue reading my blog? I have had to make it private. An anon commenter took my blog posts and created a fake FETLIFE profile. She then sent me all of the very nasty posts written by FL commenters. Very disturbing. Thanks do much. Sky.

  3. What a great way to start the new year! Congratulations on the well deserved props!

    ~ Becca

  4. It's always easier for me to write an essay than to find the right words to thank a friend for a nice comment.

    Thank you everyone for the kind words.

    Yes, thank you!

  5. You are indeed both quality and original, Michael and Serafina - and a pleasure to read!

    xx Dee

  6. Awww thanks Dee! That means a LOT coming from you, as we have great respect for you, and you also are both quality and original!

    xx Michael


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