Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miss Indigo Blue - Goddess of Burlesque

from The Mod Club Theatre - Toronto ON - July 2011

Last night Serafina and I watched A Wink and a Smile, a 2008 documentary about the art of Burlesque dancing.  We enjoyed ourselves greatly!  I've asked Serafina to write a review of the movie for our blog, and I'm thinking the topic of Burlesque will be showing up more frequently.  My slave/wife is seeming rather fascinated with the topic, she was already playing the video that accompanies this post before breakfast this morning!

A Wink and a Smile actually served as the night's early entertainment, the appetizer if you will.  A live show from The Upper Floor served as the main course.  Serafina was feeling a little under the weather, so we didn't "play along" with the party from our own home, as we've been prone to do lately.  But, when all the entertainment was over for the evening we'd managed to save enough energy for some quiet passion in the deep shadows of our bedroom.

All the whips, restraints, floggers, and fetish clothes are the fuel for my fire, but there are times where it's nice to just turn down the lights and make love to your slave/wife.  And isn't that the point of Burlesque for most folks anyway?  They watch the sexy performers and then go home to fuck like bunnies.

We did all that, and Serafina asked permission for every orgasm, just like always, she got to the point of begging a couple of times.  I mean I said it was quiet passion, but I didn't say I'd been slathered in vanilla or anything . . .

Now go watch the video, perhaps even see A Wink and a Smile before the day is done, Miss Indigo Blue is more interesting than anything else I've got to say this morning!

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