Monday, January 16, 2012

It's good to be here . . . .good to be ALIVE!!

Coming from a generation of folks who hoped we died before we got old, but somehow didn't manage to make the cut, I do have to say that I feel fortunate to have stuck around long enough to witness the current BDSM community in all it's glory.

I often get inspiration from my fellow denizens of the art of electronic communication.  To be honest, there are far more outstanding BDSM blogs and bloggers than I can follow on a regular basis.  That's what one former boss called a "high level problem" - meaning it's a good problem to have.  Better to have more than you know what to do with, than not enough.

It seems there was once a time where it was exceedingly rare to encounter literate individuals living a BDSM lifestyle.  With the profusion of sex bloggers these days, that's not necessarily as true, as the diversity of the BDSM community truly seems to be unparalleled.

It's a very good time to be alive . . .

Serafina adds:

It is a very good time to be alive!!  Yes we could dwell in the mud of long ago and get mired down so much that it could paralyze.  But life is what we choose to make of it.  Although we are surrounded by negative and shocking news, and bombarded by disasters on many levels, we still can choose, and choose we will.

People die, get sick, injured, or suddenly tire of loving.  We sometimes pay a huge price for what other people do.  Sometimes you can do more by "doing" nothing. 

We never watch news anymore.  We might glimpse the most prominent headline from the paper but seldom read the details.  Or we hear the sizzling quips from a newscast that happens to be next after watching Dr OZ because we forgot to turn it off. 

It's not that we are blissfully un-aware of what is going on, but we don't care to know all the speculation and opinion.  We want to focus on what matters most.  Our relationship.  We desire to live without regrets, simply, uncluttered, unfettered.(however we are into Bondage!)  Our goals are not to amass fortunes, and kingdoms, but to live a simple life, indulging in pleasuring our spirit soul and body as long as possible.  In acceptance and tolerance we aspire to live in harmony and find balance.


  1. Very good attitudes both of you :D

    I seldom watch the news anymore myself because it's just so freaking depressing. -sigh-

  2. Lovely photo of you both :). And a great post!

    I thought I was following you! I've remedied that and added you to my must reads. :)

    Fondly. Sky

  3. The news isn't watched much here by at least mouse, and Daddy is careful to shelter mouse from the truly bad stuff. It's lovely to see how connected you two are.


  4. thanks for the kind words . . . I'd agree that it's a lovely photo of Serafina, but I'm not so sure it does much for me . . . :p

    the post was really meant (at least my part) as a tribute to all the wonderful bloggers I get to read . . . I can honestly say it's MY pleasure to get to know you all!


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