Monday, January 16, 2012

I think this was very well said thanks to all...

everything is in his control, my hands tied, how wet I get, if he lets me cum for him.
Since I’ve been in the lifestyle, I have heard that some acts are not dominant where some things are.  Well this picture explains one of them so perfectly.  I have heard that some dominants do not like to eat their submissive.  Thank goodness this is not Daddy’s case.  Some don’t because they say it is not dominant.  This picture shows it perfectly to me like the words everything is in his control.  Her hands are tied she can’t fight what he wants. I don’t quite agree with how wet I get since I get wet from just thinking sometimes.  If he allows her to cum is another very dominant issue.  Most dominants will make their submissive wait to cum keeping them on edge.  This obviously is not a submissive act on the dominants part but it is on the submissive’s part.
Here’s what I think it really comes down to if I am in Daddy’s control than I am being submissive no matter what the act is that I am doing.  But for every person in their minds, there are dominant and submissive acts.  Now in my case, there are things that I simply can’t do because in my mind they are dominant acts.  Two of these things are:
  • Hurting someone… I simply can not hurt someone.  Even if I know the act brings me pleasure, I can not be responsible in my head to hurting someone.  Case in point.. We were playing with another couple via the internet… I was on vacation and staying with another Ds couple and my friend, the Domme, was tying me together with chains attached to nipple clamps to her submissive who had clothes pins on attached to the chain.  She then proceeded to do something that was causing me to pull back which would have pulled the clothes pins off the submissive causing pain.  I went into a panic attack.  I had to call my safe word because I can’t hurt someone.  It made me freak out and took Daddy a long time to calm me down.
  • Tying someone down - This one is funny to me.  I love to be tied.  I know how much pleasure that being tied causes on top of the normal pleasure.  Girl does it to me all the time.  Girl has the control because Daddy allows her to at that time but me… no way can I do it.  I will instantly start crying.  I can not have the control.  I do not want it.
Girl, on the other hand, loves to do these things.  She loves to spank me.  She loves to tie me down.  She loves the control when Daddy allows it.  Does that make her less submissive?  I don’t think so because Daddy is still controlling her.  She is still submitting to Daddy.  I am not submitting to her.  I am doing what Daddy wants.
It all comes down to the dynamics in your relationship and what you yourself feel or think.  Don’t go against your true nature because it can end up hurting you.
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