Monday, January 9, 2012


Temporary play space
Master and I have been working to renovate a house into our home.  We first moved in and amalgamated as much of our 3 bdrm house we had into Master's mom's house.  We had to sell our first home.  We spent all our time being caregivers until she passed late August of 2011.

The house had not been upgraded for many years, and there were many unpleasant memories associated with it.  The advantage is the house is entirely paid for, so all we have to do is pay taxes and utilities.  so we set about to redecorate most of the interior and the redecorating involves making every room to suit our needs.

We are childless and pretty much keep to ourselves so we make the rules and break conventional ones. . .like turning the "living-room" into a bedroom! and a Bedroom into a TV/media room. . with a play space!

Unfortunately the kitchen will still function as a kitchen/ eating area.  but we are painting everything from the ceiling to the floor.  The walls and ceiling are done, and I have been working on the cabinetry, for which we 1. purchased a kit.
 first step is taking off doors. . easy
second step is removing all hardware. . tedious
third step is scarping all build up dirt and removing what is visible. . disgusting!
forth step is "de-glossing"  a further very intense step I spent the most time and effort upon.

Because I was paying a LOT of attention to details, it was very intense.  It felt very spiritual, to tell the truth- it was spiritual.  I am super sensitive to cosmic energy and I felt clearly like paying this close attention to every tiny edge and crack and decorative piece, and removing every trace of the past I was establishing a new beginning.  Gone are the bad memories, and negative experiences.  Out they go into the trash.  No one should suffer any of those! Removed!

I am not done yet, I have a good way to go.  But, we are moving forward now with love and determination, and fresh new journey of our own, and we will be very careful to not allow any bad things to happen in our home.

Our home is a place of peace.  And surrender. And Play!


  1. The nice part is that when you are done it will be a brand new house. New energy and warm feeling will fill your home and make it yours.

  2. Thank you butterfly. . . and it is friends like you that understand and encourage everywhere they go, that makes the journey pleasant.


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