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Loving My Library - MsAwake

Today, for the first time here at Spiritual BDSM, we will be featuring a guest post from a friend and fellow blogger, Ms Awake.  Here are the highlights of how she describes herself on her tumblr blog:
I am Ms Awake - Mother of 4, entrepreneur, soon-to-be-divorced, adventurer, runner, Groove facilitator, optimist, graphic designer, traveler, porn aficionado, kinkster, sexually liberated, passionately curious, and lover of life . . .  My blog is called 'Awake', because now that I finally am, and not sleepwalking through my life, I am never going to take my Awakening for granted. I have discovered, been shown, a side of myself that is a part of me that I no longer want to hold down and in. It is a gift to have had my eyes opened . . .  My life is a gift, and I'm living it the way I want to, proudly being me. It's now or never, baby.
Ms Awake is a beautiful young submissive who we are just getting to know better as friends.  Were Serafina in the market for a submissive of our own, we'd probably be looking for somebody like this!  I mean, what's not to love about an individual who conceives an erotic short story set in a library?  Books are my primary non-sexual fetish, in case you didn't know!  On a less impressive note (at least for me) - I'll admit I did have to ask her what the term "groove facilitator" means, perhaps it's an indication that middle age is taking it's toll on my 48 year old brain, as it appears now I have become tragically unhip - hahaha.  But, enough about me!

Without further ado or introduction, here is Ms Awake's very nice erotic short story . . .

(illustration by Sonia Kretschmar)
He wants the library to become a regular part of our routine together. He had already picked out 3 books, and had had them waiting for me and now it was time to return them. He told me we  would sit down and review each book - a summery, what I enjoy the most, least, and things I learned, discussion, etc. I love learning, and he loves to challenge me to be the best I can be.

When we got to the library, he had me return the books at the counter and get a card, then gave me his new reading list and told me to go and find them.

“I’ll be on the second floor in the back corner at the table, it’s quiet there and we can discuss the books you returned. You have 15 minutes to find the new books on the list. Do you understand your instructions?”

“Yes.” I say smiling, I do love going to the library. And I was looking forward to discussing the books! I’d been anxious after I finished each one, but he had always given me the look and simply said, “We will discuss them all in due time. Patience my little slut.” and kissed me softly. I had tried to tell/explain to him that I didn’t want to forget anything, to which He smiled indulgently at me and said, “Take notes.” So I did. I was excited and thought, I am seriously going to talk his ear right off about these books! I had a few pages of notes per book, but more than that I loved just talking with him and sharing thoughts.

I made it to the table he had described with time to spare (I always tried to be a little early) and sat down with my notes and put my new books to the side.

“Excellent, you got them all! Now before we begin I want you to get your special purse dildo/vibe out.” he said smiling. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights for a moment, since it took me a second to digest what he said and comply.

“Y-yes, of course.” I said, as pulled my purse off the corner of the chair, brought it into my lap and dug out the special case that held the vibrator that he had given me for the purpose of toting around everywhere. He had written “For emergencies” on the tag.

“Good girl. Insert it all the way in. Leave it off for now. Once it’s inserted you may begin with the first book.”

He had instructed me not to wear any panties, and when I was sitting with him to always have my legs slightly spread, so I took the vibe out, put it under my sundress and pushed it into myself. My face felt hot and pussy was wet and ready. I tried not to groan as it went in. Unsuccessfully. My face felt hotter. He chuckled. With a smirk, He tilted his head, “Ready?”

Determined I started on the first book’s notes. At first, it was so hard to concentrate but I loved talking about it with him and we got into a lively discussion. After we had finished, I turned the page to to my next set of notes and was about to start in when he looked at me pointedly. I quieted and looked at him, waiting.

“Before we begin the next book, I am going to have you fuck yourself a bit, baby girl. When I say ‘Out.’, you pull it out and when I say ‘In.’, you slide it all the way in again, right to the end. You will do this without cumming. If you feel you are getting too close, you are to tell me little one. And we will do this until I say you are done. Understood?”

“Y-yes.” I say shakily. Was every trip to the library going to be this way?

“Good. Out.”, he looked right into my eyes as I pulled the now very wet and slippery vibrator out of my throbbing cunt, “In.” I shuddered as it slid in. Not coming was going to be hard. He called out his commands five times and i had begun to sweat and pant. On his last ‘In’, he said, “Good, good, girl… now stop. Ready?”, I could hear the amusement in His voice and see the lusty twinkle in His eyes. We went through the second book, had another fantastic discussion about it and when we were wrapping it up, I looked up at him trepidatiously.

Chuckling, “Hmmm…yes, you know what’s next… Out.”

And this time, at about set number 7, i said in a trembly voice, “I’m close… ohhh.”

“In. And stop. So good, my little eager, clever slut. I have to say, I am really enjoying your perspective on these books. And you are such a good girl , doing just as i command. What love?” He said, clearly seeing my distress.

“Thank you so much but if You keep praising me, I’m not going to be able to hold on… ” I said, trying not to whine, still breathless.

“Let’s get started on the last book then, shall we?” He smiled. And we did, and once again I poured through my notes, he and I getting into the finer points and the discussing characters, writing style, morals, and I fell even more in love with him.

“You have put so much thought, and care into this assignment, I am so very proud of my girl. Take the vibe out and come here.” he says and I feel warm all over from his sweet words. I ache to please him always. I walk around the table to his chair and stand beside him, he pulls me over his lap and runs his hand up under my dress and rubs my ass. “Give it to me now…that’s it… I’m going to stick this nice and deep into your ass and then your going to sit on my cock beautiful.” I wiggle and groan and spread my legs as He pushes in it deep into my ass. “I love how much you need your ass fucked my little whore. And you do, every day, isn’t that right? Tell me.” He commands.

“Oooh, yes please… uhhh, every day… please…”, I pant as he rubs my ass and legs.

“Stand up.” he orders and I do, “Pull my cock out and sit down on it facing me. That’s it, good cunt.” He praises me as i slide onto His hard shaft. We groan into each others mouths as He kisses me deeply. Reaching behind me, he twists the vibrator and turns in on, “Now ride my cock and cum for me.”, he says and I fuck myself on him as hard as I can and just as I am about to cry out, He clamps His over my mouth and pulls my face to his so we are eye to eye and I cum so hard I tear up, and I see his eyes roll a little and then feel as his cock shoots his hot cum deep into my pussy, and I cling to him, sweaty, breathless, shaky and dizzy. I bury my face into His neck as He strokes me, whispering loving words.

“I love you.” I whisper back.


  1. I loved this story when I read it on tumblr, and I love it here too! It's excellent writing, and gets me very hot indeed :)

    xx Dee


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