Friday, January 27, 2012

file under - VISIONS (not sugarplum)

WARNING - the further you get into this post, the weirder it gets - the humor and imagery get dark - the topic becomes absolutely taboo and even sick in nature - the fantasy role-play near the post's end (if enacted or even discussed) could bring the wrath of B'nai B'rith and the Anti-Defamation League upon you . . . 
it is strongly suggested you do NOT read this post . . . 

Introducing the Paul Seville Human Hair Whip in Blonde . . .
photo from
Yes, ladies and gentlepersons, you read right, the flogger is made of human hair.

Did I mention that it is also available with tresses from a redhead?
Paul Seville Human Hair Whip Red
This whip is made from human hair by master leather artisan Paul Seville. And it has an overlapped leather handle. It was inspired by the Surrealist movement. It’s incredibly soft, yet if used properly can carry just enough sting. The human hair whip is delightfully different and extremely sensual. 
Serving Suggestion:
Try swishing this whip between your legs – it feels fantastic. Try tracing the hair around the back of your lovers neck and up and down their torso. It is so soft and wakes everything up. It is a brilliant tool for beginners. 
inspired by the Surrealists
The accompanying product photo looks more Auburn to me, but I'd suppose it's difficult finding good sources of human hair when you are not a wig maker. I don't know for sure.  I mean I do know they didn't get the tresses from Locks of Love, right?

I will admit to being intrigued, but at the very same time I am feeling at least a little bit repulsed.

Intrigued because it's so unique, because I am a fetishist, a somewhat sadistic sensualist.  I've blogged about being a gear slut, so there's always going to be room for another flogger in my collection, and I do like the exotic!

Repulsed because the flogger isn't made of tanned leather or horsehair, it's freakin' human hair folks . . .


I'm an amateur historian, I have a real passion for history. Military history is my actual specialty, primarily focused on the "great wars" of the 20th Century, the First and Second World Wars.  My greatest concentration of study is the Soviet-German campaigns of 1941-1945.  My personal library on the topic is significantly larger than any library coverage short of a full graduate research library.

I know that the Nazi's stockpiled human hair.  It's told that some 14,000 pound of human hair were found in liberated concentration camps.

Granted, Facist Germany wasn't stockpiling hair for use in whips.  I'd think that the mere suggestion of such a use in some circles might get one sentenced to a camp as a sexual deviant.  In other circles it might get you a date I suppose, I don't know for sure.  I mean, I'm an old man, I do look rather dashing with that certain style of black military cap, but I wasn't there, I'm not THAT old for God's sake!

a modern version of that black cap
In case you were curious about the actual purpose of the tons of stockpiles of human hair, it's my understanding that human hair made excellent electrical insulation for use in German U-boats, hence it's essential nature to the war effort.

It's human hair folks, and that carries with it a few more connotations, a few more connections, a bit more stigma, at least in my mind, than that special black military cap with the brim that comes down over my eyes.

Hmmmm, I mean there are folks who role play absolutely taboo subjects, I do know that.  If it's safe, sane, and consensual and done away from the open gaze of one's Hebrew neighbors, then anything goes, right?  At least that's what I've read!  (See for yourself, for instance, by reading Toybag Guide to Playing with Taboo by Mollena Williams . . . )

I do look good in Black, and there would be a certain "effect" to be had by saying, in scene - "You do realize this whip is made from human hair . . . My what a lovely mane you have yourself wench . . .  I don't know whether to keep you, or turn you into another whip!"

Like I said, I'm a little bit disgusted . . . with myself.

I feel dirty and probably need a shower.  Serafina's probably going to keep her hair cut short now, and damn, I may have nasty dreams too, no fucking sugar plums for Daddy tonight . . .

If this post disturbed you, please note I did warn you not to read it.  I don't know how to feel about a human hair whip, I don't know how to feel about playing with taboo.  Part of me is fascinated, and part repulsed.  The odd tone and dark turn to this post are deliberate in mimicking (to the best of my limited artistic ability) the oddly attractive nature of some dark subjects.  It's like the car wreck by the side of the road.  Nobody wants to see hurt or maimed bodies, but nearly every car slows down to have their own look.

Human nature is deliciously complex - a trait that's both interesting and disturbing . . .  You know - like the whip!

Think I should buy one?


  1. I guess if nobody is reading this there won't be comments.

  2. LOL! I think our kinks are all so fascinating... why does something resonate with us erotically? Some kinks are more common, some more rare (I am holding my hair ;)), but all interesting. At least to a curious soul like me.


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