Wednesday, January 4, 2012

do you need a drink?

I gave Serafina a nice flogging last night.

Although we started late, and the whole thing may only have lasted an hour and a half, it was an incredible night.  While some people may not enjoy the feel of a cat or flogger striking them, Serafina get's very excited by being spanked and flogged.  

My collection of different floggers, slappers, and spankers is always growing.  Right now the collection is stored in a pair of Flogger Trunks from For Your Nymphomation (42" high x 8" wide x 8" deep) - but both of those cases are pretty well filled to overflowing, so a third may be needed very soon.

My favorite moment usually comes near the end of a session, when all the various action and attention has brought my darling Serafina to an unbridled frenzy of desire.  After using a variety of different floggers, each with it's own unique touch, the sum total of the sensations can start to become overwhelming.  Serafina reaches a point where she wants the flogging to continue forever, yet she is getting tender enough that she also begins to dread the next blow.  

It's a sight to behold!

By that time her brain and body are being flooded by a variety of messages and chemicals.  At the same time that her body is feeling the full effect of endorphins produced as a reaction to the flogging, I'm also bringing her desires to a peak.  Often her body will start quivering, starting in her thighs and legs, but ultimately spreading over her entire being.  

This is also when Serafina's prone to begin begging for something . . . anything . . .  to satisfy the building desire.

Last night she crawled backwards across the length of our bed on her hand and knees, backside high in the air, mewing and moaning and begging just to feel the pressure of my thumb against her clit.  My slut was desperate enough last night that she literally started humping my thumb, grinding her cunt and clit against it like a woman possessed.  She asked permission to orgasm within moments, but I had her continue the lewd display for a few minutes before granting permission.

It was fucking hot!  

Yet, it wasn't my favorite part of last night's play.  It was a lighter moment that wasn't planned, totally spontaneous . . . 

After feeling only a couple of my floggers on her naked flesh, Serafina was thirsty and asked for a drink of water, which I allowed.  After she swallowed a gulp, there on her knees before me, she looked up at me, offering a fresh bottle of water she had placed by the bed, and said, "Master you must be thirsty too, may I offer you a drink?"

My reply was simple - "No darling, the sight of you on your knees, ass high in the air, is more than enough for me . . . It's making my mouth water!"

I don't know about you, but to me, moments like that are absolutely priceless!


  1. That was a HOT description, :)

  2. Wow! it was like. . .wow! I felt like I was flying. . .Master kept me cumming until I lost all sensibility and count. . .and afterwards my entire body felt like it was vibrating!


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