Saturday, January 28, 2012

come on over for breakfast!

The dish is called "Prime Rib Hash" - Finely diced Prime Rib of Beef sauteed w/ fresh ground garlic, diced onion, and other assorted seasonings.  It's lightly browned before adding potatoes.  

I can never give exact measurements for seasonings, as I always flavor to taste, and I use whatever seasonings are close at hand that will fit the bill.  If I'd have had some Bell Peppers available, they also make a nice addition, as they add color, texture, and nutrient value.

I usually use diced 'taters with this recipe. I used to call the style "cottage fried potatoes" - but when you have fresh shredded hash browns available like today, they serve just as well.

Even when I was a chef, we'd adapt and adopt recipes to fit the best ingredients at hand, I see no reason to do it differently in my home.

Additional compliment of two eggs in a Sunny-Side Up styling.

The battery want kaput on the good Nikon camera just as Serafina was shooting some pics of my work at the stove.  So, to produce these shots of the final meal, we had to hustle and capture these images instead with a cell phone camera.

I usually let Serafina do the majority of the cooking, growing up as the eldest in a large family, she had to learn to cook form an early age, so her kitchen skills rival or exceed my own.  She's definitely a better Baker than I'll ever become too.  But on the weekends, especially for breakfast, I do enjoy stepping in to make a tasty treat for my slave/wife.  She deserves it!

Not today, but upon occasion, I'll prepare only a single plate for the meal.  Serafina then knows she'll be kneeling at my feet, and I'll be feeding her from my own plate, off of my own fork.

It's unbelievably sensuous to have her there, waiting patiently with her mouth open, as I bring a bite up to her lips and mouth.

I chose not to go that route today because Serafina has been refinishing and redecorating our kitchen.  We are pretty much done with the project except for the floor.

The floor is not currently in a state I'd wish to crouch or kneel upon without some protective clothing, (and perhaps a mask.)  So, I certainly will not have my precious Serafina there.  The dust that was formerly the backing of a old carpet is the primary issue, we'll have to deal with it next.

When we do a scene (someday) in a derelict building, or a cave, I'll have no issue with making my slave wife into a filthy mess, but there it will have a point.  And, it wouldn't be stirring up dust that might land in my carefully cooked eggs!

Serafina started this post, as the cell phone pictures were hers.  She titled it something about Master Michael and brunch.  I had to change it . . .

We've been up since 5AM (you might say I woke the whole house up for an early morning "booty call") so when I served our meal at 9AM it felt like brunch.  Most of the world probably didn't get woke up with a stiff cock nestled between their ass cheeks, so I'd say it's safe to say that Sera's perspective is unique today.

9 AM Saturday morning is going to be breakfast time in most households, so I'd like to thank you for sharing this virtual breakfast with us today.

I wish, dear reader, that I could invite you all, one by one, to share a breakfast with us (kneeling or not - your choice!) as I'm sure the wonderful conversation would make the food taste even better.

It's all compliments of the chef, with his regards,


  1. Is this on the menu for Sunday morning? ;) Looks delish!!

    1. Awww thanks (I guess I should have given myself the moniker "blushing dom" or something - I'm far better at giving compliments than getting)

      It was delish my dear, Serafina assured me so - hahaha! It turned out very well I'd have to say myself, and it's a shame you couldn't be here to taste for yourself, as my background as a chef always leaves me cooking up more than we need for two . . . I do understand it's a bit of a commute for breakfast- hahaha!

      I'm fresh out of leftover steak/prime rib this morning ;) so nothing this fancy today. I've got some nice ribeye steak in mind for later today anyway, to enjoy just before tonight's Pro-Bowl game, so no meat for breakfast.

      I'm thinking it'll be simple and light this AM - Eggs over easy, wheat toast (lightly buttered) and juice. If Serafina wishes for fruit, I'll add some Cantelope to today's menu.


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