Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are you "Guys and Dolls" or "Gone With the Wind"???

An old friend, one of the few people I'm in contact with from my school days, had an interesting question for their status at that popular social networking site with "Face" in it's title . . .

There are a lot of different ways to go with this one, it can be good fun, so please take just a moment and participate with a comment . . . 

Describe your sex life with a movie title . . . 


I went with . . .

Hang "Em High!


Well before we met, she would have said . . .

Much Ado About Nothing!

Thankfully, now that we've found each other, the title she'd choose would not be so bleak . . .

Her current choice?

The Thrill of It All!

So please, dear reader, take a moment to ponder what movie title might best describe your sex life, and then share it here with a comment.

What movie title best describes your sex life?


  1. I know why the caged bird sings.
    and then there's those days when it's a bit more like One flew over the cuckoo's nest :)

  2. My favorite movie defines everything I stand for, believe in, and practice, including my love life! The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    1. Good choice, Kate. . I agree there are always a downside to most everything. . kinda trying to grow roses without thorns, the plant is rather wimpy. . . no! give me roses. . I know they come with thorns!!

  3. Hello :) I think this is a really cute topic so I shall participate. I would have to say the movie that best fits is: Pillow Talk.

    1. thanks for adding your comment goodgirl, it's a good addition!

      btw - we also added your blog to our blogroll, always enjoy a good read . . .


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