Wednesday, January 25, 2012

and the winner is . . .

Final results from the "How should Serafina be punished?" poll have been qualified, objectified (just a little), certified, justified, and perhaps even quantified (anything but dignified!)

We'd like to thank everyone who took a moment to participate!

For posterity's sake I snipped a shot of the results, which can be seen to the right, before restoring the blog's sidebar to it's normal state.  While it may seem as though the total number of votes are relatively low, participation was actually better than we expected.

For Serafina's posterior's sake, the poll results indicate that her first real caning is imminent.

Obviously, there's a certain special mystique to the cane as an instrument of punishment.  To me it's evocative of punishment sessions given out by a proper English Schoolmaster, but the cane certainly has far wider appeal than just that single role-play scenario.

There were also comments indicating that the prospect of this punishment being Serafina's first caning was the deciding factor in a few votes.  The sentiment seems to be that corporal punishment isn't always real punishment for submissive masochists, an idea I agree with wholeheartedly.  My slave/wife would openly admit to being submissive, but she might debate the masochistic label, at least publicly.

That thinking does hold true on a certain level.  I'm rather sure that our readers choose the option Serafina feared the most.  I'm not sure Serafina really and truly feared any of the other options, as she's withstood a few nights of "everything Master can offer" as play, loving every minute of it.

I'm scheduling my slave/wife's punishment for this Saturday evening, to coincide with the next live show on The Upper Floor.

I've mentioned before that we enjoy "playing along" with the shows, so I thought I'd add some technical details.  Our current playroom has a 42" television, with a beautiful sounding but very unobtrusive surround sound setup featuring Mirage MX 5.1 speakers, so it's not quite cinematic, but it's nice enough to add interesting atmosphere.

As for for the technical details of the caning, there are actually three different canes I'll use, each of a different thickness.  Here's the description of the specific cane making process by their maker:

  Carefully selected real rattan cane is steamed, stretched and then completely submerged in a linseed oil compound for several weeks, dried and varnished to achieve this look and performance. We think it's worth every minute!
    This method enables the oil to fill the capillaries of the rattan, making The DeLuxe Cane denser, more flexible and less likely to break than an ordinary rattan punishment cane. And the feel? -- Iit has to be experienced to be appreciated! The DeLuxe Cane raises the ordinary rattan cane to a new level of elegance and performance.
These three canes were made by Adam’s Sensual Whips and Gillian’s Toys, a wonderful couple who make a wonderful range of various implements of correction, as well as a few other unique adult toys.  I've been shopping from them for so long that our email exchanges feel like notes between old friends, but I'll save any more praise I have for Adam and Gillian for an upcoming vendor review I have planned.

Finally, I do plan to document the occasion to the best of my ability.  As long as I don't end up somehow smearing lube or other sticky secretions on our camera lens, I hope to post some "evidence" of the caning next week.  Serafina's bottom doesn't stripe real easily, and I don't plan to be absolutely brutal either, that's not my style.  So, we'll have to wait and see what kind of "Zebra stripe" images I can produce using my slave/wife as the canvass.


  1. All the best to Seraphina! I realise this is a punishment but I do hope you enjoy the experience as well, as contradictory that sounds. :)

    1. Tnx goodgirl, Master Michael is very controlled and kind. And that does not sound contradictory in our home, . .sounds like a great evening. . now if we could get to feeling better overall. . it has been a serious cold flue season for us. . not quite getting over before the next round. . .anyway. . here's to a good time!

  2. *hugs!* Enjoy! I'm excited to hear about it. (Is that evil... maybe a little...)

    1. I'm excited too.

      Can't help but think of the Carly Simon song, "Anticipation" . . .

      Scheduling is on hold, as Serafina was under the weather last night (when I'd originally planned for the caning) . . . Instead I just tormented her for an hour with a whip, while we watched last night's live show from The Upper Floor.

      it might not seem like a big difference, but I was using a deerskin "whipsickle" which didn't leave behind a mark - a significant difference from what we all can expect to see with the caning!


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