Saturday, January 28, 2012

across the pond . . .

Serafina, being Canadian, is essentially a British Subject (they have the Queen mum on their money and everything - in case you never looked.)  There's a bunch of legalities that go along with such a status, and those darn Brits do change what being part of the Commonwealth means from time to time, which brings to mind slippery slope analogies, none of which would be terribly important or even relevant to the topic at hand, except who doesn't love slippery things?

Instead, without much further ado, and with only slight alliterative wordplay, I'll move directly to the subject of today's post, sex slang from jolly old England.

Compliments of blog . . . Very voluptuous vocabulary, patiently, perspicaciously, and perhaps prejudicially pilfered and purloined . . .
Boff: to have intercourse with someone. “She took me back to the flat and boffed my brains out.”
Cop Of: to make out with someone. “I’m pretty sure I saw your friend copping off with some guy in the corner of that crowded bar.”
Johnny: A condom. “She had to wait for him to stop and put on a Johnny before they could continue.”
Knob: can have three meanings. The first being a name for the penis. “My pants are tugging at my knob” The second meaning is to use the penis for sex. “She took a good knobbing from old Tommy boy.” The third is used as an insult. “My boss is such a knob. He’s always looking at my breasts.”
Leg Over: Talking someone into sex. “I believe she is still trying to get her leg over on that blonde guy at the office.”
On the Pull: Looking to hook up with someone for the night. “Going out with my blokes tonight looking for girls on the pull.”
Romp: Exerting, recreational sex. “She decided a romp with the boss is exactly what she needed to get ahead.”
Tidy: A hot girl/guy. “Check out the tidy girl with the big boobs over there.”
Slapper: Another word for slut. “That slapper has been trying to get my boyfriend’s attention all night!”
Kappa-Slappa: A low class girl. There seems to be a lot of names for low-class girls. I wonder what the standard for low class is.
Rumpy pumpy: Sex. That word almost sounds too cute to be about sex.
Snogging: To tongue/French kiss. Although, I’ve been to France and they have no idea what a French Kiss is. If you ask them, they look at you like you are crazy.
Vinegar Strokes: Masturbation. I honestly don’t even have a sentence for this one. How do you get masturbation from that?
For sure I knew boff, knob, and romp, but the rest are rather new to me.

I do love the part about the French not knowing the meaning of the term French Kiss.  Perhaps then, it could be said that Frenchmen speak the language of love, but that they don't understand it's meaning?

If you, my dear reader have any interesting international or regional sex slag that's out of the ordinary, please feel free to share it here with a comment.  I'm not looking for vinegar stroke material, as long as it's about a tidy slapper, or somehow related to the old rumpy pumpy, it's on topic here!


  1. More of a caveat...
    Don't tell a Brit you're looking for a slap on the fanny unless you're prepared to get one farther south than where you're expecting it!
    Still fun, of course, but disorienting none the less...

    1. hee hee! Thanks Jz. . we might go for the full-on shag then, Eh?

  2. yes thats where I come a cropper..fanny!
    Fanny is not an arse (ass) it is what you might know happily as a pussy.
    Took me a while to get my head around that one.
    there are a myriad of sex slang gems that don't translate..but that is what the blogging world is foster international relations :)

    1. I guess that changes the meanings of some "odes to fanny" I've read! ;) hahahahehehe!

      thanks for your comment - you have to love the blogosphere!


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