Friday, January 6, 2012

Accepting Your Body but Making Changes

There is a great move amongst the BDSM community for acceptance for all types of sexual desires, be it straight, gay, lesbian, masochistic, sadistic, gentle, Tantric, and many others diversions and interests.  In our circle, we do applaud acceptance.  And we do accept what other people do is OK, even if it does not fit us, it is what it is, and it is out there. 

In general, people have also taken acceptance a step further to embrace people shapes and weight differences.  At the Samadhi Household we endorse that kind of acceptance, although with a caveat.

We are aging. . . and not always with dignity!  Our libido and desire is running strong, but as our bodies are aging we are more and more aware that we would like a lot more time to enjoy our play activities without issues caused by our own lack of due care and attention to bad habits causing related health issues.   One of the primary issues are diet and exercise.

Neither of us is anywhere near the size we want to be.  In life it is far too easy to allow things to slide.  Some call it the Dunlop feature.   Where the chest "dunlop" over and now sits in the middle- we call the spare tire!!    Humor aside it is really a critical situation.  We are frequent flyers to the Dr.OZ show; and often we do not like what we are hearing, because it hits us where we need to address change. 

We are both overweight, and have been working to lose the excess for some time.  Master has lost over 50 lbs and is working on not only keeping it off, but losing even more, and building up stamina through strength-building exercise, and building a strong and robust immune system as well.

We have long acknowledged that our bodies are a Spiritual Temple, but like most others we have neglected,  or even worse, failed to honor them.  Now at every opportunity we are becoming more mindful of looking after and reverencing the time we have left to us and hope and work towards redeeming whatever we can. 

No matter what you believe in, or practice, whether it be New Age, Tantra, Buddhism, Christian, Hinduism, or some mixture of many like we do, or none at all;  It behooves us to be aware of and make correct changes in the way we care for and especially feed our bodies.  America's biggest current health problem is obesity.  It is THE factor for diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and many other associated illnesses.  Obesity is often at the root of emotional and psychological problems as well.

We fully embrace acceptance!  And, we fully embrace responsibility and self-control.  As we develop our strategy we will likely be sharing some of those.  (for example we shared that to start each day with breakfast that is healthy, nutritious, and even delicious!)  And we look at our past and current habits and make better choices, we are giving ourselves what we deserve.  And if we truly value our relationships, why rob them of years and health and pleasure simply because we choose to satisfy all our appetites now without regard to whether or not our actions are harmful to our health and well-being.

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