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way too good to resist

Need a quality silicone dildo?

On a budget?

Have I got a deal for you!

This isn't marketing bull crap.   Serafina and I have bag of toys, enough dildos and vibrators and butt plugs to stuff every starter on both sides of a football game, and still have some left for substitutes.

Even with that plethora of plastic pricks, I still couldn't resist the sale.  I bought two items from this sale for Serafina and myself, and I'll be sending an email to at least one dear old friend, tipping them off to this opportunity.

Tantus, makers of premium quality adult pleasure objects, is having an unbelievable sale.  Between today and the first of next year, closeout items (already discounted) are going to be marked down an additional 60%.  They are practically giving this stuff away!  

Use discount code CLOSEOUT60 when checking out between now and January 1 to get in on the tremendous bargains.

For instance, the Adam O2 Mocha is selling for $21.20 once all discounts are applied.  

When the Adam O2 was released, the original price was in the $85 range.  To be very honest, the O2 line of toys from Tantus is so good, it was worth every penny.  In fact, that's what an O2 Adam is selling for today at Eden Fantasys.  You can't get the Mocha color from Eden Fantasys, but all the other colors (cream, caramel, black) are there for full price - $84.99.

If you'd like that dildo in a beautiful chocolate brown that Tantus calls Mocha, it's more than $63 less.  If you grab one this week, it's $21.20.  You can't beat that price with a stick!

Part of what makes the O2 line of dildos so special is a feature Tantus calls "Dual Density".  Here's how the manufacturer describes it:
A Super Soft™ outside and a hard muscle core both made of Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.
Trust me, it's even better than they describe.  This is a super premium silicone, and the soft outer layer over a hard core makes the feeling of a Tantus O2 dildo exquisite.  I've never had one used on me (I really buy into the adage that it's better to give than receive when it comes to dildos) but I can say from the other side of the shaft that they are beautiful to work with, unique and sensual just to touch or fondle.  Simply the best dildos in my toy box.

If that sort of advanced technology dildo sounds good to you, then the really good news is that there are three O2 dildos included in this sale, Adam O2, Mark O2, and Mikey O2.  Each one originally retailed for around $85, each one can be had this week for only $21.20.  The order placed from Samadhi house was for an Adam O2 Mocha and a Mikey O2 Mocha, our total cost was $42.39.

There are a lot of other premium silicone items available from this closeout sale, more than I'd care to list here.  It's almost like a tour through our toy bag, which is an apparent testament to our love of the products made by Tantus.  Sale items that already reside in the Samadhi toy bag include: the Rascal, the Spiral - Midnight Purple, the Beginner Beads - Red, the Advanced Beads - Electric Blue, and the Echo.  

Remember that the prices you see next to the closeout products will be discounted by another 60% by using the CLOSEOUT60 discount code when checking out.  A good number of the toys listed there can be had for less than $10!  That's far cheaper than you will usually find "craptastic-plastic" dicks made in China that are full of toxic chemicals like phthalates.  

Tantus is not only offering a great price for a top quality product, they are one of the most enlightened toy companies in the world.  The Tantus production facility is right here in the US, in Nevada.  For a whole variety of reasons, I don't really want to use toys made in China, so it's great to have a company who not only makes wonderful products, but does so here at home.  Tantus is contributing to our economy, not enriching some repressive regime with horrid human rights records.

In a previous post here at Spiritual BDSM titled "exemplary actions," I discussed even more details of the enlightened practices at Tantus.  I can't say too much, or too often, how impressed I am by these folks.  To the best of my knowledge and experience, Tantus is one of the very best, perhaps even the absolute pinnacle, of quality and enlightened management among manufacturers in adult toy industry.

And this week only, you can get a wide variety of their products for a song and dance.  I'm not just "whistling dixie," it really doesn't get any better than this . . . 


  1. Thanks for the tip on toys, I love a bargain!

  2. so glad others can take advantage of this sale!


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