Thursday, December 29, 2011

tumblr meme Serafina

What’s the last thing you masturbated to?
I do not masturbate on my own, Master told me I had to last night while watching TUF live at

Have you ever had sex in a public place?
A new glass didldo arrived in the mail while we were en-route to visit his mom in the hospital some time before she passed. Master stopped the car on the way back, by a local sports park and in broad daylight told me to strip my panties and spread my legs, while he lubed and inserted it deep and ordered me to masturbate and come. A car approached in the distance so we got interrupted. I think that happened again. . but I managed to come in the nick of time!

Where do you like to be kissed most?
lips, face, neck shoulders, breasts, ummm everywhere

Do you have any sex toys?
I am surrounded by toys, furniture and playspace dedicated to sex

What’s your favourite colour lingerie?
Black, red, passionate purple, electric blue,

What colour panties are you wearing?
well. . .none. . so that makes the colorless?

Where do you like to be touched most?
Nipples, pussy, everywhere

What’s your fetish?
BDSM power exchange

What’s your sexiest article of clothing?
humm. . which to choose. . Master has so spoiled me. . PVC suit, catsuit, straight jacket, corselets and corsets, silk, Oh MY!

What’s your favourite sexual position?
On my back, arms under the knees, wide open and getting fuked hard and deep.

What’s your favourite part of sex?
Master spurting inside my pussy.. . oh and the days and hours leading up to that event. . and then beginning all over again!

Do you enjoy role-play?
I do not role- play being a submissive or a slave wife 24/7. . that's for sure. stepping beyond that and role-playing is rather difficult. I being a first-born have always been the one to have to remain in charge, and married for 37 years in a relationship where I had to lead the home has been such a serious position that I seldom let my guard down and relax enough to get into role-playing.

Have you ever had cyber sex?
no, But I do confess to feeling almost giddy after talking to master for 15 minutes or so each day over the phone while we were getting to know each other.

Ever stripped on webcam?

Have you ever masturbated while on the phone?
In the early days before we were together, sometimes Master would ask me to touch myself while we were chatting.

Ever masturbated with a phone?

What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?
I am living a fantasy

What is your bra/penis size?
like that matters

What’s the strangest thing you’ve masturbated to?
In jr high, before the days I had access to porn, I discover the statue of David in encyclopedia and art history texts. As well as other provocative art

Are you turned on by spanking?
yes, and flogging. . love it

By ropes?
Tie me up, Master!

not so much

I was ticklish as a child. . . . lost it as an adult. . thought it was forever, but lately Master has been finding a few spots to tease, gradually it becomes a tickle

Ever had unprotected sex?
yes, and gave life to 4 children.

Ever been bribed into sex?

Ever done the bribing?

Ever fucked someone much older or younger?
being somewhat chronologically older than Master. . yes!

Ever been cumshot or done cumshooting?

Ever had sex with a stranger?
Yes, I was very frustrated in a sexless, loveless marriage, and I broke the vows I'd made. I understand the reasons but can not justify my actions. . they were wrong.

Ever woken up with a stranger?
no, fortunately.

Submissive or dominant?
Submissive. . but to Master Michael alone.

Do you role-play in the bedroom?

Outside the bedroom?
At any opportunistic moment.

What’s the largest thing which has been inside you?
I gave birth to my first son who was 9 lbs, ,10 ounces and 23 inches long. being that I was merely 23 the Dr in his very finite wisdom decided that I was clueless as to my dates and so he just let me go on and on. Of course I had to had reconstructive surgery because of that.

Where do you want to have sex the most?
Everywhere. . I am a late bloomer. . I have a lot of time to make up!

What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?
Not sure it qualifies as sex. . I grew up on a farm, my mom raised all kinds of critters including geese. . a new hatching adopts the first moving thing it sees as a mom. In most cases it is people. They are also incredibly currious and nibble everything. . they have very soft flat rubbery beaks. . one day I had had a bath and was sent outside to check or do something with only a nightgown on. I spent time with the new goslings and they clambered underneath my slightly bent legs as I was sitting on the new grass and I was delighted as the nibbled at anything that was dangling! Whew!

Have you ever had a sexy nickname?
Master has given me my name.

Have you ever experimented with the same sex?
Just a little.

What’s your kink?

Have you ever tried whipped cream in the bedroom?

Sex beneath the sheets or on top?

With the lights on or off?
dim is best, dark is fun, light is revealing!

Rough sex or smooth?
some of both.

Ever fucked a friend’s relative?
yes. .a brother in law.

Ever cheated?

What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had?

What one word would describe you naked?

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