Thursday, December 29, 2011

tumblr meme - Master Michael

  1. An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.
  2. An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.
What’s the last thing you masturbated to?
Serafina's open waiting mouth.  I mean it technically is masturbating when I pull out of Serafina before finishing then jerk off on her face, or breasts, isn't it?
Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Does the Pope wear a pointed hat?  I mean for sure.  The first place I had sex was in public, in a semi-rural area tucked in right behind a chicken coop.
Where do you like to be kissed most?
Frenulum preputii penis aka the underside of my cock head.
Do you have any sex toys?
Does a Zebra have stripes?  Yes I have sex toys.  Want to know the very best sex toy I own?  It's my twisted and perverted mind.  Everything else is a tool of my imagination.
What’s your favourite colour lingerie?
What colour panties are you wearing?
Hahaha, sorry I don't wear panties.  If the questions is meant more for general undies, I'm not wearing underwear at the moment, having just finished a shower.  In the end, like my taste in lingere, my taste in colors for briefs, or boxers, runs toward black.
Where do you like to be touched most?
Honestly?  You have to know I'll say my cock.  OK, I guess for ladies this answer is going to be more varied, but I'm thinking almost all guys want their cock touched most.
What’s your fetish?
BDSM.  All aspects of BDSM
What’s your sexiest article of clothing?
Short-Sleeved Leather Uniform Shirt
What’s your favourite sexual position?
Dominant.  As long as I'm direction the show, no one position is my favorite.  I'm prone to "finishing" on top of Serafina, her legs up high, her arms around the crook of her knees holding them back, spreading herself open.
What’s your favourite part of sex?
Extended play before sex.  Even with my best practice of Tantric willpower, the actual in-out of fucking might last a steady hour without a break for drink, and perhaps a snack to provide some carbohydrates. The flirting, teasing, taunting, tormenting before the actually fucking can last for days.  For me then, that part is the very best!
Do you enjoy role-play?
Do bears shit in the woods?  It might be said I've always been a dominant, it might also be said that I enjoyed the role of being a dominant so much that I became one.  Within BDSM play itself, without stepping out of the dominant role, adopting Dom variants can be great fun.  Schoolmaster, perverted step-dad, pimp, abductor, ringmaster of a sex circus, parader of pony girls, and more . . . If I haven't played the role yet, I probably still want to.
Have you ever had cyber sex?
Do sharks have teeth?  The reason I first went on the web was for cyber . . .
Ever stripped on webcam?
Never used a webcam, so very obviously I've never done anything like stripping on a webcam.
Have you ever masturbated while on the phone?
Does a Leopard have spots?  At age 15 my girlfriend asked what the "clicking noise" was on the phone line.  It was the sound of my hand rhythmically jacking off . . . And yes of course, I've had phone sex with participants who knew what I was doing too.
Ever masturbated with a phone?
What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?
I'm living it baaaaaby!  My biggest single fantasy is to be a 24/7 lifestyle dominant.
What is your bra/penis size?
Somewhat thicker than average, I'm a little shy of being "porn worthy" at 7 1/2" long.  There's a "cock shot" over on Tumblr that I posted to make Serafina happy (I think she wanted to brag to a girlfriend about getting it all the way into her throat.)
What’s the strangest thing you’ve masturbated to?
Please don't hold it against me, it's particularly nasty in addition to being really out there . . . Ms Torment once did something mild with a dog for another Master, while we were married  So the wierd thing I jerked off to was the thought of my ex-wife being sexually violated by a pack of wild dogs.  BTW - she was there, describing the fantasy for me with her own details.
Are you turned on by spanking?
Does a rooster crow at the break of dawn?  Did I say I'm into everything about BDSM?  Here I'm a believer in giving until it hurts!
By ropes?
Really?  Really??  Really???  As surely as Canadian Geese fly south every year without passports, only to return home each spring, I'll be loving rope play.
Ask my slave . . . Oh that's right, she can't talk right now, she's tied up by rope, freshly spanked, and of course, severely gagged.  She did say "mmmmpfhgha" when I read her the question, but I can assure you that kind of testimony will never hold up in a court of law!
My bound and gagged slave/wife is panting, she'd been squealing.  All because I reached back for a moment and let my fingers do the walking on her ribcage.  I know all of her most ticklish areas intimately.
Ever had unprotected?
I was a senior in High School the first time a girlfirend went on the pill so we wouldn't have to use a condom.
Ever been bribed into sex?
Depends on how you define the term "bribed" or "sex" - what I'm calling the Bill Clinton answer.
Ever done the bribing?
In role play I have.  I once told Serafina she was my whore, bent her over my bed, fucked her very hard and very fast, then threw a $50 on the bed next to her and left before she could even stand up.
Ever fucked someone much older or younger?
When I was in my early 20's I had a girlfriend in her 40's for a few months.  She was not only experienced, Autumn had lived in a Haight-Ashbury commune during the 60's, she was insatiable.  It was never meant to last, but it was wonderful experience.
Ever been cumshot or done cumshooting?
Does last night count?
Ever had sex with a stranger?
Can't say that I have.
Ever woken up with a stranger?
Can't say that I have.
Submissive or dominant?
Dominance is natural.  I have what has been called a "command personality" if you know what that means.
Do you role-play in the bedroom?
See previous answer about bears, woods, and feces.
Outside the bedroom?
Before you ask this one twice, ask instead - Did Hitler totally ruin little mustaches forever?
What’s the largest thing which has been inside you?
I had a colonoscopy once.
Where do you want to have sex the most?
I'd like to be a guest at one of the Upper Floor's lavish BDSM parties. I'm developing a bucket list with other ideas.
What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?
On top of a concrete table at an Interstate highway rest area with a group of nuns having lunch no more than 50 feet away.
Have you ever had a sexy nickname?
Serafina calls me Master.  It sounds like music.
Have you ever experimented with the same sex?
I was abused by my same sex piano teacher while in my early teens.  His interest was in sucking young teen's cocks.  It was certainly abuse, but it's not the kind of thing that haunts a person.  I mean there are worse things for a 13 year old than having someone suck your cock once a week, right?
What’s your kink?
24/7 lifestyle BDSM
Have you ever tried whipped cream in the bedroom?
It's not the best for sex food play, but it's not a bad game for the sexually inexperienced.
Sex beneath the sheets or on top?
Both.  Also sex on the floor, against a door, here, there, everywhere possible.
With the lights on or off?
The "Goldilocks" answer - I prefer soft light.  I want to see Serafina's face, admire the body I am ravaging.  Bright lights are too much, and dark not enough, but soft lights are ahhhhh, just right.
Rough sex or smooth?
Both.  Concurrently.
Ever fucked a friend’s relative?
Does my best friend's sister count?
Ever cheated?
See answer about Pope and pointed hat . . .
What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had?
What one word would describe you naked?

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