Thursday, December 15, 2011

trying out - review of membership site

My darling slave/wife and I signed up earlier this month for a 30 day subscription to one of the many BDSM sites that are a property of

Wired Pussy is described as:
Lesbian domination with electro-play & bondage.
On the surface this might seem to be an odd choice for our fetish entertainment.  I don't think the folks at are often accused of emphasizing the spiritual and relationship side of BDSM, which is the primary focus for Serafina and myself.

Then there's the fact that men aren't featured on that site, that it's focused entirely on women dominating and submitting to each other.  Although she always endeavors to keep an open mind, and I know she would do anything sexually I might ask of her as long as it's a task within her power to perform, Serafina wouldn't identify herself as being bisexual.  So, it might seem strange for her to enjoy the act of watching women dominate each other.

Finally, there's the electro-play aspect of the site, as that's not an incredibly common fetish.  Certainly, electric play is a form of edge play, so it's not to be a casual BDSM activity, and it's not for everybody.  People who plan to incorporate electric play into a scene need to be properly educated and practiced in that particular art.

Addressing those potential pitfalls in reverse order, electro sex is no problem for us, in fact it's an active interest here at Samadhi house.  We've started a nice collection of electro toys already, and it's a growing collection with a number of different toys currently perched atop our sex toy wishlist.

PES toy we played with last night - pic from Wired Pussy
Just last night we played for over an hour with just a couple of toys from Paradise Electro Stimulations (PES).  Last night's fun included a large acrylic plug called "Stanley Junior", as well as their Vaginal Shield Labial & Clitoral Electrode (pictured) that migrated from the toy bag to being used on my slave/wife.  While our own explorations of electric sex are still in their relative infancy, I can guarantee that good times were had by all.

And, while my lovely Serafina would not categorize herself as being bi-sexual, she's certainly not turned off by other women.  In fact, her very first sexual encounter in the BDSM world was actually with my former submissive and ex-wife, so she's not totally uninitiated to the world of sapphic love.  While not necessarily wanting to partake in every activity we are observing, Serafina is very much enjoying the videos we've watched so far from Wired Slave.

Finally, to address the aspect of Wired Slave that seems to be in at least partial conflict with the Spiritual Side of BDSM, that these are nothing but performances between individuals who are being paid to act for a camera and an audience.  To some, fetish scenes performed for compensation might seem to be the absolute antithesis to the spiritual side of BDSM.

If that's someone's opinion, they are entitled to it, but it's not my perspective at all.  There's always going to be a divide between reality and a video, that's something that should always be understood as an inherent limitation of the medium.  Marshall McLuhan said, "The medium is the message."

That's an truism that the enlightened individual recognizes and remembers without a great deal of effort, that sexual fetish video isn't the medium to bring understanding of the spiritual side of BDSM.  The roller coaster ride of real relationships aren't necessarily compelling cinema, and neither do the spiritual aspects of service, the transcendental aspects of dominance and submission, make for good video presentation.

acrylic electro toy similar to Stanley Junior in use at Wired Pussy
Instead, I see the wonderful women featured in these films to be akin to the ancient practice of the sacred prostitute.  From one perspective, individuals with that label were simply providing personal services in return for funds to support a particular temple, or belief.  That seems honorable enough, and perhaps worthy of a fantasy role play session or two, but to me the term sacred whore is something deeper still.

My belief is that the women featured in these films could be considered to be some kind of kedeshah, a Hebrew word that literally means "consecrated feminine form".  My view of the sacred whore (whether historical, or as I see them in their current guise) is that they are individuals who have helped to educate humanity about yab-yum, a Buddhist term for the the sacred sexual union between the masculine deity and his feminine consort.

Exploration of  various fetish activities is, from the viewpoint of my individual practice of Spiritual BDSM, simply one avenue to exploring the spiritual side of our sexual nature.  But that spiritual avenue isn't a road a filmmaker is going to be able to drive down with their camera rolling.  Belief and faith and sex may all be inherently intertwined in my mind, perhaps in yours too, but that's not going to translate well to the flat screen TV, and I don't expect it to.

my favorite scene so far - Juliette March submits to Bobbi Starr
So Wired Pussy then becomes, for Serafina an I, not only a titillating visual experience, but also a tool we can use for communication and education.  We can discuss the last scene we watched together, or use it as inspiration for our own experiments.  It's another addition to my erotic arsenal of ways to tease, torment, and excite my beloved slave/wife.

If you are like me, you'd rather watch Wired Pussy than HBO.  Life's too short to watch re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, when I might be watching Bobbi Starr fuck a real mother with a PES Samurai.  Most days Wired Pussy is also of greater interest to Serafina than what we might find on cable TV or NetFlix.

As such, it's looking like a nice investment for at least a few months.  After that, I expect we'll move on to some other Kink productions like Sex and Submission, or the Upper Floor.  Like I said, life's too short for re-runs!

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  1. is a nice site, I have been a member for a while.
    What I like the most is that every now and again I see them using the same stufff I am using from .it just shows that they are pro's

  2. Thanks for noticing us!! We are not that young but we make up for it with enthusiasm, don't ya think?

    We are very much enjoying the site.


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