Saturday, December 31, 2011

slave assignment 12/31/2011

New Year's Eve Assignment

My darling slave/wife,

Two weeks have passed since your most recent assignment.  As you should remember, in giving you the assignment I said:
Picture yourself again as a school girl.  You've been given a reading assignment by your toughest professor.  You'll be expected to become completely conversant on the principles outlined in this document, just as you would have in school.  You aren't expected to memorize this document, or return with verbatim quotes from it when questioned.  I'm more interested in overall comprehension and understanding of the doctrine, as well as the ability to thoughtfully discuss it's contents.
Tonight is your exam.  I will test you on comprehension and understanding of the document you were asked to study.  You will be placed into strict bondage, and blindfolded.  It will be an oral exam, and no slut, that doesn't mean I'm asking for head, instead I'll be testing your head.

Upon proof of your working knowledge of the Upper Floor's House Doctrine, we will begin discussing implementation of our own written protocols.  I plan not only to develop written protocols for our house, but I am also designing a slave contract you will be required to sign as a condition of continued service.

You might have imagined that you would be stripped naked for a ceremonial signing of your slave contract, and yes, that will happen.  But first you'll be attending to a detail I believe most dominants overlook.  I will be taking you to a Notary Public where your signature on our contract can be properly witnessed and notarized.

Only after you've affixed your legal signature to the document and had it notarized, only after I've placed the original contract in my safety deposit box for safe keeping, will you be stripped naked to undergo a ritual initiation into the deeper and more formalized level of slavery you have entered.

You, my darling slave/wife, are my most prized possession, the most precious thing I shall ever possess.  To my mind, your contract becomes the most precious legal document I will ever retain, more valuable to me than the deed to my home and property.

Master Michael Samadhi

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