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slave assignment 12/17/2011

My darling Serafina,

I appreciate your patience, as well as the unwavering support you have shown for me during the difficult times we've recently encountered.  You are always a model of compassion and love.  Thank you my beloved!

Today we return to the posting of slave training assignments for your immediate attention and devotion.

Darling, nothing pleases me more then to begin full resumption of my proper role in guiding your exploration of the dark hidden recesses of human sexuality and furthering your Spiritual BDSM adventure. I am once again prepared to properly and fully immerse you in the path of love, devotion, and surrender.

It is time for me to again properly "take you in hand" - perhaps more fully than we've ever truly been able to live before.  With that in mind, I believe the study of an exiting slave protocol, that of the Upper Floor, would serve your education well.

Obviously, their rules are more formalized than those you've experienced.  We've never entered the realm of written contracts and protocols.  Frankly, it's not because I don't find them useful or attractive, it was simply because there were other greater priorities and responsibilities.

In truth, there is no greater priority to me than you.  It seems that, for at least the moment, I am free to give you the proper attention you deserve.

You tell me it's already been more than you imagined, that the heights of pleasure we've reached surpassed not only your expectations, but also your imagination.  If that's the case, my dear, then prepare to have your mind blown, because we are really just getting started.
Just to bring our readers up to speed, the posting of slave assignments is something I started earlier this summer as a part of making Serafina's immersion into 24/7 BDSM and her training just a bit more public. Rather than keeping assignments and lessons private, I decided to share some of them here, to give our readers a look into one slave's experience and growth.

I had intended to make this a regular feature and ongoing theme for our SpiritualBDSM blog, but it was interrupted by my Mother's death as well as the ongoing responsibilities that come from being, not only Master of our household, but also a grieving son, and the executor of an estate. I sincerely hope the return of this feature also marks a return to normalcy, a return to Serafina enjoying my undivided attentions as my slave/wife justly deserves.
Here is what is called the "House Doctrine" for the 24/7 community at's Upper Floor.  It's an ongoing exercise in developing the kind of BDSM lifestyle community that would normally be reserved for flights of fantasy or fiction.  Admittedly, it's also part of the empire of pay sites, as such it's commercial nature cannot be denied.  That doesn't, however, at all alter it's ability to serve as an educational tool, a sample textbook of sorts.

As such, your assignment is simple.

Picture yourself again as a school girl.  You've been given a reading assignment by your toughest professor.  You'll be expected to become completely conversant on the principles outlined in this document, just as you would have in school.  You aren't expected to memorize this document, or return with verbatim quotes from it when questioned.  I'm more interested in overall comprehension and understanding of the doctrine, as well as the ability to thoughtfully discuss it's contents.

When you have prepared yourself, I will administer an oral exam.  Your responses will be graded, and the results recorded for posterity, here at our SpiritualBDSM online home.

Master Michael Samadhi

The House Doctrine
by James Mogul
Revised by JohnPaul - The Pope - Major Domo
and Stefanos - The Steward

1.0     The House
1.1     The Household
1.2     The Community
1.3     The Slaves
2.0     House Training
2.1     General Rules - The First Protocol
2.2     Basic Positions
2.3     Training Outcomes
2.4     The House - The Second Protocol
2.5     Principals, Degrees and Articles
3.0     Articles of the Second Protocol: House Rules
3.2     Article I: Initiation and Scoring
3.3     Article II: Speech and Address
3.4     Article III: Five Rules of Deportment
3.5     Article IV: Presentation, Positions and Discipline
3.6     Article V: Rank and Petitions
3.7     Article VI: Appendix to House Protocol--The Order of Authority - Privilege, Obeisance and Common Courtesy
3.8     Article VII: Appendix

1.0  The House
The House is a social arrangement that functions as an expression of alternative sexuality.
Further definition lies in the developing House Goals:
1)  The House is a bridge that spans the divide between commercial and lifestyle BDSM. Informed, entertaining media, broadcasts of events featuring cultural figures and activities that promote and protect BDSM sensibilities are at the core of House Business.
2)  The House is a social experiment exploring the reality of a social order that up until now has existed only in fantasy.
3)  The House documents and broadcasts the mechanics of it's own social design in the interest of the advancement of, and the cooperation with other House structures.
4) The Staff of the House are an extension of the interests and goals of the House itself.

1.1  The Household
This is typically the core group of individuals that drive the activities of the organization.  These individuals operate in different groups that function outside as well as inside the House.
The term "Household" may also be extended to any given authoritative body operating within the House, such as any individual or organized group visiting as a Guest.

1.2 The Community
Individuals and groups that share commons interests with the House may be honored guests, esteemed craftsman, or any other allies that share the vision of the experiment and have been invited into the Household.
Trainers, artists and BDSM practitioners, will be collectively referred to as Community. This is a somewhat ambiguous but important category that derives much of it's power not from the hierarchy of the House but from BDSM practitioners at large.
The House and the Community operate in a symbiotic relationship; the Community brings to the table deep ties and skilled practitioners; the House brings authority, structured operations, and a widespread power base.  Working together, they nurture and promulgate the art of BDSM, fortify the position of the Community at large, and make room for the greater BDSM population.
Within the structure of the House, individuals of any experience may also be categorized as the Community.  The Community is typically seen as its own exclusive group that fits neatly between the Household and the Household's Servant / Slave classes.  The ambiguity allows the socially agile BDSM practitioners to move between the classes acting as a conduit of communications between the two.

1.3 The Slaves
-   have petitioned to begin training (TTOO)
- currently going through basic training (TTOO)
-   completed basic trainingtraining (TTOO)
Parlor   slave(s)
-   have completed additional training on TUF
Kitchen   slave(s)
-   have completed additional training on TUF
slave   Consort(s)
-   have completed additional training directly from the Master of the House]

2.0  House Training

2.1 General House Rules for slaves or Training of O - The First Protocol
1. Legs are always open - she never should have her knees together.
2. she must always be available for what ever any Master in TUF should want (within negotiated limits).
3. Absolutely no eye contact with any Master unless she is instructed to.
4. If she is wearing clothing that covers her ass, she must always make sure that her ass is touching what ever she sits on, without the clothing in between.
5. she must always remember why she is doing the training and always know the option to resign.
6. she must always conduct herself as if a Master were standing next to her and with the respect and fear of punishment from a Master if she doesn't.
7. All slaves will be renamed upon starting her training, and this name will follow her throughout her stay within the walls of the House.
8. she will be given a temporary collar when her training starts and must wear this at all times until it is taken from her by the Major Domo or Master of the House or traded in for a TUF collar.
9. The slave will always return to her default position at any resting period, which is Attention (standing or kneeling).
10. Slave will only speak when addressed directly by a Master or Senior slave. she will answer every question in a steady and collected manner. she will preface or end every answer with the respective title of the individual she is addressing.
11. When making a request a slave must assume position 2 and await acknowledgement before speaking.

2.2 Basic Positions
1. Kneeling with legs spread wide exposing her pussy. Her ass is sitting on her feet and her hands are resting on her knees, palms up. Eyes should always be forward.
2. Kneeling with her ass in the air and legs spread. Head and chest is to the floor and hands stretched out above her head. Hand are together and palms are to the floor. This shows the utmost respect. Requests by slaves may be made from this position.
3. On all fours with legs and hands spread, head up, eyes forward, back arched to display ass.
4. Kneeling on heels, hands on floor behind butt with fingers pointed outward and together, pelvis presented.
5. Kneeling like position 1, but with hands behind the neck with fingers interlocked. Elbows far back forcing breast out.
6. Kneeling like position 1, but now arms are together in front and forearms being held in front of the face and hands above of the face. Hands are just above the top of head, together and palms up.
7. On floor on stomach, face down with head turned to left, crosses her wrists behind her back, and crosses her ankles.
8. Face down on the floor with legs together, toes pointed, and arms extended out at a 90 degree angle from the body. (If space does not allow then use compact version with arms bent at elbows and hands next to face) This is the apology position.
9. Standing, legs spread, arms above head, wrists crossed. Head is back and turned to the left.
10. Standing on tip toes with legs spread and wrists boxed behind back.
11. On the floor on back, legs spread wide, arms boxed behind back.
12. Kneeling, bends body backwards putting head to floor, place hands next to head, and push up to a back bend
Note: Additional rules for the behavior of slaves can be found under heading 3.0

2.3  Training Outcomes
1)  Trainee will display ability to manage intense stimuli while maintaining composure.
2)  Trainee will demonstrate a command of sexual performance including:
     - Ability to  induce orgasm in both sexes on a reasonably consistent basis.
     - Basic maintenance of sexual health and hygiene
     - The ability to display itself in an a graceful, erotic and disciplined manner.
3)  Trainee will display an understanding and use of the General House rules for Slaves (as outlined in heading 2.1)
4)  Trainee will prepare an initiation check list, a document that identifies "what they are good for".
     - This document may include experience, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and motivations.
     - It is a document that could be handed to a Guest of the House to provide the tools to facilitate a satisfying exchange for all parties involved.
     -Additional limits can be added on a day by day basis depending on physical and psychological limitations.

2.4  The House - The Second Protocol
A formalized courtesy reinforces the flow of authority throughout the Household.
This doctrine is standardized as The House Protocol and makes up the core of the program's curriculum.  As such, this document establishes the baseline of acceptable behavior for slaves and servants in service to the House.  This includes a uniform set of slave positions, styles of speech and deportment that is appropriate for any slave engaged in general duties at House events and functions.  Instructional methods may vary, but the learner's outcomes are always the same: disciplined uniformity.

2.5  Principles, Degrees and Articles
A Protocol is a mode of behavior, built on Degrees, or levels of specificity. The First Protocol is the most basic and uniform.  It provides the foundation upon which other more specific individual behaviors are built.  The House is most concerned with, requires at minimum, a mastery of the First Protocol.  This common rule set establishes the baseline behavioral requirements for all slaves that serve the House.
Other protocols may be specific to other social groups or the Community from which they originate, and may vary from Group to Group, Order to Order, House to House.  So long as there is no conflict, the House is not directly concerned with these more specific protocols.
In matters of slave training, while methods may vary, the teaching of the House is drawn from a common set of underlying Principles of Servitude.  These principles are known as Identity, Duty, Discipline and Humility.

Identity Relates to the sense of oneself, "who we are" as individuals - one's skills, abilities and awareness of self. This principle speaks to the degree to which the trainee embraces submission.

Duty Indicates one's sense of commitment and loyalty to the House.

Discipline Reflects skills in organization, consistency and the acquisition of learned behaviors. Physical performance and ability to process sensation are indicators of one's discipline.

Humility The fundamental attitude reflecting mindfulness of one's place in the world.

3.0  Articles of the Second Protocol: House Rules
The First Protocol prepares the subject to present themselves to the House as an initiate. The core training curriculum or Training of O teaches the proper manner of speech, behavior and attitude for House service.The Second Protocol extends the training of the initiate to enter slavehood of the House.

Article I: Initiatiion and Scoring
The Subject enters the program through application and initiation.  Methods of initiation may vary and may extend into the actual training process, but the outcome is uniform: an initial score is created based on the subjects abilities in the First Protocol and their bearing during initiation.
The purpose of Scoring is to allow the House to document the subject's skills, knowledge and abilities (SKA's), chart their development and decide on their fate within the House - Promotion to Slave Consort or dismissal.  Scoring data is public and documents the slaves' ongoing activities within the House. Viewers, House Members and Guests will be able to modify the scores of the slaves based on their observation through the use of the forums.

Matters to be scored;
1 = poor               2 = fair                    3 = good                    4 = excellent

Sexualorifice capacity
cock sucking
orgasm control
orgasm intensity


Disciplinerespect level


Enduranceheavy labor

Pain Mgmt.
position hold


Article II: Regarding Matters of Speech and Address
The house slave is never spoken to by first names, like "Chloe" or training ID's, like #028, but is addressed by surnames like Camilla or the names given to them by the House.
The house slave addresses it's betters with respective title of the individual she is addressing. "Mr. Acworth, the well trained slave always speaks in a clear and evenly metered tempo, Sir."

Article III: Regarding Matters of Deportment
These basic House Rules establish the baseline expectations of behavior for House service.
1) The well trained slave waits civilly to be interrogated. 
     - The slave never allows it's voice to be heard unless called to, and then as little as possible with short, concise responses.
     - Never does the slave utter a harsh word or curse.
     - The slave never offers an opinion, never says hello, good night or offers any other salutation except in reply.
     - Always acknowledges / responds to an order or question.  
     - When in a senior's presence, the slave does not speak to others of similar station.
     - The slave is unseen unless acknowledged.
     - Never harbors any expectation of privacy.
2) The well trained slave will always stand or follow behind her Master.
     - Initiates will stand behind and to the left or right by preference of their Master
     - Seniors will stand behind and to the right or left by preference of their Master
3) The well trained slave maintains a dignified line of sight and does not meet a Master's eye unless requested. 
     - slave should be attentive and ready to anticipate her Master's needs.
4) The well trained slave makes itself sexually available whenever possible.
     - Through posture the slave's body is always on offer.
5) The well trained slave waits quietly for permission to approach and depart a dominant.
     - When approaching a dominant, the slave stops several feet away and waits quietly for a nod, word or some indication of permission to approach.  The slave also waits to be dismissed.
     - If dismissal is not forthcoming, the slave lightly asks, "Sir, is there another way I may please you?"

Article IV: Regarding Matters of Presentation and Discipline
Presentation is a matter of the slave making their bodies available for use or inspection in the most graceful and efficient way possible.  Discipline, in this sense, is a matter of holding that position - regardless of stimuli or stress.

Service Positions are a form of presentation not unlike the military.  These positions are useful to focus the trainee on a task, instill a state of mind or enforce discipline.

Stress Positions may be used for punishment, corrections or training.
For any position, the subject should be able to hold the position for a length of time without moving. This is a demonstration of discipline, esp. when under a whip, crop or cane.  Use care in the locking of knees for extended periods of time.

Standard Service Positions of the House
The novice typically begins learning these positions by being put into bondage, tied off to a point over head for safety, and made to hold balance - possibly on a block.  Apply the whip, crop, cane or other implement to test for movement, train endurance and discipline.  This is an excellent method of training pain processing and self control.

Standing straight, feet straight ahead and shoulder width apart. 
Shoulders back, slight arch to the back, pressing out the chest. 
Chin is up and head straight.  
Eye-line is downward at 45 degrees with no movement or distraction.
The arms are folded tightly at the small of the back pushing the chest out slightly.
Forearms are parallel to the floor, fingers lightly clutch opposite arms just above the elbows.
This is a strict position and should be drilled for endurance and composure under duress.
This is the standard position a trainee assumes when being spoken to, awaiting instruction, or on completing a task.

On knees, not resting on haunches, but raised up high with pelvis thrust slightly forward to offer the genitals.
Thighs are spread, chin up, eyes downward at 45 degrees, back arched, chest out.
Head slightly back, mouth open, tongue slightly extended in preparation for oral service.
The subject may be ordered to masturbate themselves while in position.

Position 3 (All Fours)
Like a show dog, the subject is displayed on hands and knees.
Subject is open for manipulation, feeling up, fucking, for use as furniture, or for a position of punishment.
The chin is up, head straight and eyes downward at 45 degrees.
Genitals are free and offered from the rear.
Good for showing off the slave, face fucking, or for general inspection.
Postition 3 Variation
Presents the ass doggie style for fucking or for punishment.
From a position on all fours, the chest is lowered to press onto the floor.
The arms are folded at the small of the back, face turned to the left, cheek to the floor.
Thighs are wide, back is arched hard, pressing the ass up and out.
A slight variation puts the forehead to the floor, eyes drilling straight down into the floor.
Ideal or punishment and corrections to the ass and thighs.

Primarily a stress position, often used for training in endurance or for humiliating.
The feet are shoulder width apart, legs bent at the knees to lower the hips close to the floor.
Arms are folded behind the back as when at attention.
Chin is up, head straight, eyes downward at 45 degrees.
Do not allow the subject to actually sit.
To increase stress, put the subjects back against a wall and order the thighs to be held parallel to the floor.
Use extreme caution when adding bondage as many people cannot balance themselves in a squat and may fall.
Head slightly back, mouth open, tongue slightly extended in preparation for oral service.
The subject may be ordered to masturbate themselves while in position.

Service Routines
Once the trainee has worked through these positions in and out of bondage, while under duress, and is able to reasonably maintain discipline with no undue flinching, then they are ready to begin routines.  By joining together different positions with small graceful movements, the trainee begins to demonstrate a command of deportment and grace.
Routines may be formed that link two or several positions.  There are no established order of positions for routines, but it is helpful to condition the subject to hold each position till an order or trigger is enacted to signal moving on to the next.  It may also be useful to insert additional positions between certain movements to aide in the flow of the overall routine.

Article V: Regarding Rank and Petitions
The slaves'  first objective is to gain entry to the House through petition, then earn enough rank to keep out of the most distressing positions of the hierarchy.

The steps to earn rank are:
     - complete basic training
     - serve at a House event or function
     - complete specialized training to a job description
     - endure through a ritual of initiation at the hands of the Household.

Acquiring rank accomplishes several things:
     - slave is not sent back to the basement to answer for short comings through pain, sweat and humiliation
     - slave begins a new phase in the development of their career with the House.
     - trainee earns status over the new initiates coming in.

Article VI: Appendix to House Protocols -- The Order of Authority
Suggested Expressions of Privilege and Obeisance
It is the duty of every servant or slave to express this Order of Authority through the senior's  Assumption of Privilege and the junior's Show of Obeisance.
     - where the senior stands at attention or at ease, the slave is to squat and suffer.
     - where the senior is used sexually, the salve later cleans all mess with their tongue, paying particular attention the the senior's person.
     - where the senior's hands may be allowed to roam across their own person or be stimulated to sexual release,  the slave is rarely afforded the luxury of orgasm or kind fondling.
     - where the senior makes full use of those of lower rank where time allows, the slave holds no sway in matters of sexual use.
     - where more than two servants or slaves are present, the rank of initiate is the lowest of all.
     -In even larger gatherings, designations of first slave, second slave, and so on may be deployed.  The designation of senior, consort, kitchen and palor, being earned ranks, remain singular in a given case.

Article VII: Appendix to the First Protocol
Optional Additions to the First Protocols
The well trained slave...
     - Always references itself in the third person in speech and writing.
     - Always 'gives room' when being passed by a senior in a hall by turning to the wall and averting it's eyes.
     - Always walks slightly behind a senior.
     - Never uses phones, receives visitors or initiates outside contact without permission unless on free time.
     - Understands that followers are forbidden.  There are no intimacies with outsiders, and no fraternizing or intimacies with those of a lower class.
     - Pays for breakage of any House property through deduction of it's wages.
The House Doctrine document for The Upper Floor is property and copyright of It is used here for educational purposes only, to demonstrate a set of rules for a real working 24/7 hierarchical BBDSM community.

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