Thursday, December 1, 2011

Notes to Serafina

I set up a new tumblr blog today.

Notes to Serafina will be a very personal blog, meant to elicit further communication on specific topics with my beloved slave/wife Serafina.

You see, Serafina is a slave in training.

Yes, we have been together now for close to a decade, that anniversary will pass next year.  So it might seem strange to some that I'd call her a "slave in training" let alone dare to imply that I'm really just getting started with exploring her submission.

That's all true, so please let me explain.

For starters, we were only properly married last year.  Familial responsibilities as caregivers to a sick parent have been in the background (and sometimes the foreground) throughout our entire time together.  Our relationship has always been my primary interest, but my attention was always divided due to my role as a caregiver.

That has all changed.   My Mother passed away a few months ago.

Losing a parent is always difficult.  I'd been especially close to Mom due to my role as her caregiver.  Serafina had stepped in as Mom's primary caregiver for the last few years, so despite inevitable differences inherent in having to sell our own home and move everything, not to mention the many sacrifices inherent in caring for an individual who's not well enough to be alone, they got along well.

We've had time for remembrance and reflection.  We've had time for grief.  Now it's time to fully explore everything we've ever imagined this blog to be about.

I am always aspiring to be learning and growing, but my familial responsibilities certainly stifled our growth as a couple, as well as putting dampers on the Master/slave aspects of our relationship.  Dominant or submissive, nobody is going to feel properly expressive of their sexuality when, in the back of your mind, you know one ring of the intercom could send everyone scurrying to the emergency room.

Without those caregiver responsibilities hovering over us, Serafina will now be very much in a position where she gets her just reward for being so supportive and helpful these last few years.  She's getting more and more of my undivided attention.  I'm free to fully express my dominance.  Her proper "training" has become my primary responsibility.

PS - One final note, everybody deserves to know why I put the word "training" in quotations in that last paragraph.  But, you'll have to wait for my next essay @ for that explanation.

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