Sunday, December 11, 2011

my twisted mind at play

BUCKET LIST for Michael Samadhi - dominate a couple with my slave/wife as co-conspirator.

The first time I tied up a girlfriend for sex was in 1980, so I’ve been actively directing/participating in BDSM activities for more than 30 years. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ve lived out a great many of the fantasies of my youth.

When I was only 17, I tied up my girlfriend Elise (with her consent) to take her virginity. I’m guessing that not many dominants have shared that experience. I was just getting started. I tied up my first wife on our wedding night, tormenting her for hours before “consummating” our marriage. I was just getting started …

I’ve directed countless MFF threeways, a few MMF scenes, and one MMMF that was worthy of cinema. I once did an extended MFF scene in the same room as a pair of gay men who were watched as they made out and sucked each other.

But, I realized the other day that I’ve never dominated a couple. Thinking it over, it came to me it is one of the few desires have that hasn’t been fulfilled.

There are a lot of interesting possibilities that immediately enter my twisted mind if I stop to fantasize on scenarios of this kind. It’s really quite appealing - (said with deliberate understatement.)

Serafina and I aren’t actively looking to “play” with others at this point, her training is my priority. She’s earned my exclusive attention for the immediate future. I’ve never moved so slowly in training a submissive to be my slave as I am with Serafina. I have to say that drawing out our play over long extended periods of time, incorporating D/s into every level of our relationship, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

Eventually though, I’d like to train a couple, immersing them and their lives into a D/s dynamic, just as surely as I’ve taken Serafina down that road.  If nothing else, it's a worthy dream.

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