Friday, December 16, 2011

Meet Your Hosts

We didn't start this journey with any kind of burning desire to post pictures of ourselves on the internet, yet here we are . . .

It's not a perfectly sexy photo, it's a couple of years old, Serafina's face is unnaturally flushed from the orgasm she just had, a cockring might have made for a more impressive looking package, I'd prefer different sheets,  etc.

But, it's here, it's real, and it's us!
Because now it's time to . . .

Meet Your Spiritual BDSM Hosts


Name: Michael Samadhi aka SamadhiDom
Tumblr Name: Spiritual BDSM
Nickname(s): Sir, Master, M' Lord, SamadhiDom
Height/Weight: 6' tall - I've lost 50 pounds since the accompanying photo was taken
Birthday/Sign: July - by astrology I'm a Cancer
Relationship Status: Married to slave/wife/soulmate Serafina
Sexual Preference:  heteroflexible - I only fuck my slave/wife.  I would accept an exceptional lady or couple for domination and/or training if the right occasion arose -  they must understand there could be lots of sexual behavior and orgasms but no actual intercourse, because that one thing is reserved exclusively for slave/wife Serafina.
Dom/sub/switch: dominant - I spent a short period in my youth as a switch as part of "old guard" training to be a proper dominant
Random fact(s) about you: I was once a member of MENSA;
I've been called an "Old Testament" style dominant, whatever that means . . .
Hobbies/Interests: Tantra, BDSM, spirituality, fetish, history, natural history
Do you smoke/drink: no tobacco, very occasionally drink wine or Amaretto
Why blog?:   Some of my most passionate feelings are reserved for Tantra, kink, fetish, and BDSM.


Name: Serafina Samadhi
Tumblr Name: serafinasboudoir
Nickname(s): slut, slave, wife, love, darling
Height/Weight: 5'2", a little more than ideal
Birthday/Sign: December, Sagittarius
Relationship Status: Married to Master/husband/soulmate/owner Michael
Sexual Preference:  hetro, heteroflexible only as we agree together to entertain
Dom/sub/switch:  Submissive exclusively to Master Samadhi.  If called upon I am capable of domination and authority.  I prefer to give way to Master, because I trust him implicitly
Random fact about you:  I co-pastored a youth group 14 to 20 year-olds over 5 years, it gave me a reason to carry on following a tragic event in my life
Hobbies/Interests: Main interest is Master!, drummer, photography, art, miniatures
Do you smoke/drink: Nope to smoking, love occasional liqueur or glass of wine
Why blog?:   Why not?  Have no local friends besides Master, but need to feel connected somehow.  A way of sharing what I have learned for anyone who cares.

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