Monday, December 26, 2011

just beginning, never completed

The following post was written 6 months ago.  It was first conceived as an introduction of sorts for a blog I was starting on a different site.  It was a "false start" it turned out, but the thinking and concept evolved to become
I feel like a master gem-cutter who has been delivered a stone holding the potential to be his life’s Master Work.
Awed by the stone’s beauty, he dares not cut or change much, realizing intuitively that this kind of beauty could never be totally shaped by man.
He lays awake at night imagining how he might apply his craft, dreaming that perhaps with the proper ability and craftsmanship, he just might find a way to enhance the stunning natural beauty.
Several times during the day, he interrupts his other work, just to gaze at his prize, to ponder and plan.
When the time comes to make the cuts, he is thoughtful and deliberate, yet supremely confident in his craft and in the outcome.
After all, it’s simply the vision from his dreams.
The woman I call slut came to me as innocent and pure as the driven snow, and raw like an uncut gem.
Of course I am exaggerating a little in making that statement, as she was not quite innocent.
Prior to our first meeting she had raised sons and a daughter, she’d witnessed and experienced both triumph and tragedy, but she had never experienced any true pleasure in the bedroom. At least not any that wasn’t self-administered.
She had experienced one man’s cock in her mouth on a single occasion, and never any anything anal. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you she came to me as a total neophyte in the world of BDSM and fetish pleasures.
It wasn’t that she didn’t desire a more playful presence in the bedroom. I know she longed for such a presence for many long years.
Inexperience certainly wasn’t for a lack of womanly charms on her part either. My slut is a sexy and alluring woman, she has been since the very first moment I laid eyes on her.
My sweet wife, who is also my submissive/slave, is one of the most wonderfully interesting and intriguing individuals you’d ever meet.  She’s unlike any other woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, with a depth of passion and character I’ll never tire of exploring.
Now that she is mine, I would not trade her for any other woman , nor for any prize or sum that might be offered.
She is a project that is always just beginning, but never will be completed.
She is my life’s work.
She is my slut.

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