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New Year's Tip & Wishes

Samadhi's BDSM Tip for 2012 New Year's Revellers
Instruct your manservant and/or chauffeur to make your slave girl drink the bubbly, and have none for himself. Drinking and driving vehicles don’t mix.  The thing to drive home tonight … is in your pants.  Please be safe and sane tonight in your consensual celebrations (BDSM or otherwise) of all kinds tonight.

Serafina and I wish we could personally thank each of our readers tonight for following along with our story of love, devotion, and surrender.  The most gratifying thing for authors is being read and appreciated.

By 6pm tonight Serafina will be wearing my wrist and ankle restraints.  I'll remove her permanent collar, and place a special dress collar around her neck for the celebration.  I'm thinking by midnight, she'll be wearing rope and a gag, but little else.

Obviously, she's not going to be making calls or posts to give well wishes tonight.  So please accept this sentiment from our hearts . . .


slave assignment 12/31/2011

New Year's Eve Assignment

My darling slave/wife,

Two weeks have passed since your most recent assignment.  As you should remember, in giving you the assignment I said:
Picture yourself again as a school girl.  You've been given a reading assignment by your toughest professor.  You'll be expected to become completely conversant on the principles outlined in this document, just as you would have in school.  You aren't expected to memorize this document, or return with verbatim quotes from it when questioned.  I'm more interested in overall comprehension and understanding of the doctrine, as well as the ability to thoughtfully discuss it's contents.Tonight is your exam.  I will test you on comprehension and understanding of the document you were asked to study.  You will be placed into strict bondage, and blindfolded.  It will be an oral exam, and no slut, that doesn't mean I'm asking for head, instead I'll be testing your head.

Upon proof of your worki…

it's all in the mind - introducing the Photosonix

Most of our readers probably realize that we are a 24/7 D/s or M/s couple, and that we incorporate elements of Tantra into our lifestyle.  That's the simple explanation for our site's name and web address, that we combine spiritual practices from Tantra with BDSM styled activities to create Spiritual BDSM.

Among other things, we are seekers of truth, sensual hedonists, and dedicated "psychonauts" - a term that translates from it's Greek origins to mean "sailors of the mind/soul."  I'm not positive Serafina would describe herself exactly that way, but I certainly feel it's an apt description for both of us.

Tantra and BDSM both lead to altered states of consciousness, probably most familiar as "sub-space" within the BDSM community.  Exploring those states can help bring about peak sexual pleasure, spiritual insight, and cathartic experience, not to mention being extremely intense and enjoyable.

Now, Serafina and I are beginning to expl…

How are you? How was your day?

How are you? How was your day? What does one reply to the question?

There are lots of people who ask out of just some holy habit. It can be surprising just how strong the forces of habit and rote cognition can be - not really wanting an honest answer. I also know that isn't the case here. But yes - it is such an unexpected thing to have exposed this kind of vulnerability - or fear of being vulnerable.

Almost always when anyone besides Master or close member asks the question, the mind invariably goes into “computer processing “ mode, and given no more thought that computers are capable of giving, Which is to say nothing, and both the one questioning and the one answering are actually grievously dismissive. In the end it is meant to portray a measure of “I care” when in fact neither could care less about the other.

Call it protocol devoid of significance. Or substance, for that matter. I was not used to anyone who actually cared and it was easy to give and OK/fine response becaus…

tumblr meme Serafina

What’s the last thing you masturbated to?
I do not masturbate on my own, Master told me I had to last night while watching TUF live at

Have you ever had sex in a public place?
A new glass didldo arrived in the mail while we were en-route to visit his mom in the hospital some time before she passed. Master stopped the car on the way back, by a local sports park and in broad daylight told me to strip my panties and spread my legs, while he lubed and inserted it deep and ordered me to masturbate and come. A car approached in the distance so we got interrupted. I think that happened again. . but I managed to come in the nick of time!

Where do you like to be kissed most?
lips, face, neck shoulders, breasts, ummm everywhere

Do you have any sex toys?
I am surrounded by toys, furniture and playspace dedicated to sex

What’s your favourite colour lingerie?
Black, red, passionate purple, electric blue,

What colour panties are you wearing?
well. . .none. . so that makes the colorless?


tumblr meme - Master Michael

Noun:An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.What’s the last thing you masturbated to?
Serafina's open waiting mouth.  I mean it technically is masturbating when I pull out of Serafina before finishing then jerk off on her face, or breasts, isn't it?
Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Does the Pope wear a pointed hat?  I mean for sure.  The first place I had sex was in public, in a semi-rural area tucked in right behind a chicken coop.
Where do you like to be kissed most?
Frenulum preputii penis aka the underside of my cock head.
Do you have any sex toys?
Does a Zebra have stripes?  Yes I have sex toys.  Want to know the very best sex toy I own?  It's my twisted and perverted mind.  Everything else is a tool of my imagination.
What’s your favourite colour lingerie?
What colour panties are …

Play with us. . Answer this meme

We don't do this often, but once in a while these can be fun. . if you would like to be a part of this blog we invite you to answer this mem and email, or leave it as a comment here on Spiritual BDSM OR post it to your own blog and send us a link to it and we can add it here. . have fun!

What’s the last thing you masturbated to?

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Where do you like to be kissed most?

Do you have any sex toys?

What’s your favourite colour lingerie?

What colour panties are you wearing?

Where do you like to be touched most?

What’s your fetish?

What’s your sexiest article of clothing?

What’s your favourite sexual position?

What’s your favourite part of sex?

Do you enjoy role-play?

Have you ever had cyber sex?

Ever stripped on webcam?

Have you ever masturbated while on the phone?

Ever masturbated with a phone?

What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?

What is your bra/penis size?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve masturbated to?

Are you turned on by spanking?

By ropes?



Ever h…

Cherub's request

Back in my 20's and 30's I'd always prided myself on maintaining cordial relationships with former lovers.  My first wife (Charlene) and I slept together off and on for 5 years after our divorce.  While it wasn't perfect, we knew each others needs pretty well, and the reason we'd divorced never had anything to do with sexual incompatibility.  I mean the sex was good enough for her that she even had a couple three ways with my second wife and I.

A lot of that ended with my second wife (Ms Torment), the cordiality that is . . . She had a way of burning bridges, not only for herself, but for everyone around too.

Ms. Torment was a beautiful lady who I now realize was also a narcissistic.  Eventually I learned that my style of dominance isn't a good fit for a narcissus styled submissive, and it only took me a little over a decade to figure it out.

In my defense, she was pretty, she was bisexual too, and she very much believed in our being polyamorists.  I mean what…

confessions of a gear slut

Hello, my name is Michael, and I'm a gear slut.

I'm a collector of BDSM gear and other adult products.  Some might say I'm out of control, that collecting BDSM gear has become an obsession, a hobby that's nearly as important to me as the actual BDSM acts and scenes I love so dearly.
I'm not sure.  I can tell you that it's so bad that vendors and manufacturers are getting to know me personally.
A couple smaller vendors like Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys have long ago become like friends to me.  After talking to Gillian on the phone to their workshop, and exchanging multiple emails, not to mention sharing a hobby, how could I not feel the tugs of some kind of kinship?
Similar friendships are likely to be built with other craftsmen and craftswomen I am frequenting more and more over time.  I've very much enjoyed shopping from the couples behind Wyred Slave (great folk by the way!) and Happy Tails Floggers and Whips.  I'm sure I'll be talkin…

conserving ignorance

hys·ter·i·cal[hi-ster-i-kuhl] adjective
of,pertainingto,orcharacterizedbyhysteria. 2.
uncontrollablyemotional. 3.
irrationalfromfear, emotion,oranemotionalshock. 4.

just beginning, never completed

The following post was written 6 months ago.  It was first conceived as an introduction of sorts for a blog I was starting on a different site.  It was a "false start" it turned out, but the thinking and concept evolved to become
I feel like a master gem-cutter who has been delivered a stone holding the potential to be his life’s Master Work.
Awed by the stone’s beauty, he dares not cut or change much, realizing intuitively that this kind of beauty could never be totally shaped by man.
He lays awake at night imagining how he might apply his craft, dreaming that perhaps with the proper ability and craftsmanship, he just might find a way to enhance the stunning natural beauty.
Several times during the day, he interrupts his other work, just to gaze at his prize, to ponder and plan.
When the time comes to make the cuts, he is thoughtful and deliberate, yet supremely confident in his craft and in the outcome.
After all, it’s simply the vision from his dreams.

way too good to resist

Need a quality silicone dildo?
On a budget?
Have I got a deal for you!
This isn't marketing bull crap.   Serafina and I have bag of toys, enough dildos and vibrators and butt plugs to stuff every starter on both sides of a football game, and still have some left for substitutes.
Even with that plethora of plastic pricks, I still couldn't resist the sale.  I bought two items from this sale for Serafina and myself, and I'll be sending an email to at least one dear old friend, tipping them off to this opportunity.
Tantus, makers of premium quality adult pleasure objects, is having an unbelievable sale.  Between today and the first of next year, closeout items (already discounted) are going to be marked down an additional 60%.  They are practically giving this stuff away!  
Use discount code CLOSEOUT60 when checking out between now and January 1 to get in on the tremendous bargains.
For instance, the Adam O2 Mocha is selling for $21.20 once all discounts are applied.  
When the Adam O…

Gnostic Christmas?

Adjective:Of or relating to knowledge, esp. esoteric mystical knowledge.I've always been a seeker of truth.  One of the things that attracted me to Serafina is that she also is a seeker of truth, in all it's forms.

It's not always an easy path, being a seeker.  While my Serafina remains a practicing Christian to this day, she's been invited by more than one particular church to worship elsewhere.

If you are thinking those invitations had anything to do with the lifestyle we live today, you couldn't be more wrong.

Those incidents happened long before we knew each other, back when Sera was a God fearing, Bible toting, and home schooling Mother raising her 4 children.  She was damn near a "poster child" for what today's religious right appears to be.

Except for one thing.  Serafina asks questions.

Everyone talks about an era when children were supposed to be seen and not heard, but there have been recent times where that was also expecte…
You can't spell Buddhism without B, D, S, and M...

    -- donebutwitherrorsonpage (from tumblr)

angel on a shoulder - devil on the other

Last night, as we lay in bed, I was tormenting Serafina’s nipples.

She has a standing pledge to have them pierced at my discretion. She actually wants them pierced.  But, I’ve never taken advantage of the offer because I wanted her to enjoy plenty of nipple torture au natural first.

We were discussing the actual piercing, as we lay in bed together. OK, I guess that the term "discussing" might be a bit of a misnomer. I was whispering thoughts into her ear. Talking about where we might have the piercings done, and then sketching out nasty scenarios.  For instance, threatening to make her give me head in the parking lot just before going in for the piercings.

I was digging the side/edge of a fingernail into one of her nipples, to simulate the feel of the piercing needle just before it cuts into flesh, when I was struck by odd inspiration. I added that I’d was going to be sorely tempted to write something nasty on her chest too.

Sera’s not into humiliation, so that thought…

Christmas Quote

The ancient dream: a cold, clear night made brilliant by a glorious star, the smell of incense, shepherds and wise men falling to their knees in adoration of the sweet baby, the incarnation of perfect love.

    -- Lucinda FranksIn addition to the writing you find here at, Serafina and I also have a modest quote blog called BDSM Quote of the Day.

It's not a terribly exciting blog.  As might be expected form the title, there's a new quote added daily, and that's about it.

A number of the quotes featured at the blog have a direct BDSM context.  However, many were never intended in that way, I've selected them because they have relevance to individuals living a BDSM lifestyle.  On some rare occasions, like today, a special Holiday or similar occasion, may elicit a quote with little context for BDSM.

After all, many of us living a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle have religious occasions and observances like Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, or perhaps Ramadan (holiday sele…